September 29, 2011

i just had a very positive experience with dr. keggi of waterbury, ct.  The surgery was performed in hartford, ct at their new joint center in St. Francis Hospital.  Beautiful place, nothing but good things to say, went home next day.  7 days out, walked without cane today, excellent (amazing actually) abduction and flexion, extension movement.

Dr. Keggi in one of few surgeons who use the Direct Anterior Approach for resurfacing.  Many use such for replacement, but not that many for resurfacing.  NO MUSCLES ARE CUT USING THIS APPROACH, UNLIKE ALL OTHER APPROACHES.  There are no precautions following DAA hip surgery.....   

I just used Dr. Keggi in their new joint center located in St. Francis Hartford, ct......not far from Boston.   Nothing but good things to say about the doctor or the facilities.  Direct Anterior Approach, no muscles are cut, most progressive surgical technique in resurfacing.  Technically challenging, yes, but Dr. Keggi lives in the direct anterior world, so he knows how to get it done without complications.  350 plus DAA resurfacings 
October 1, 2011
Ultimately, all of the approaches work in the hands of a good surgeon.  However, if you are looking to get back to work in a month like I am, I believe the anterior approach is the only way to go, and again primarily because no muslces are cut during the surgery .  Muscles do heal....they just take time which I don't have.   

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