Jack's Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Clarke 2010

May 21, 2010

My procedure went through without a hitch and I am now an official hippy!

On the day of surgery- the 19th

Checked in around ten. Was supposed to be there at ten thirty. The tool me back in no time and started getting me ready. My procedure was scheduled for twelve thirty but Dr. Clarke was running early. I had a consult with the anesthesiologist who gave me the option of general or spinal. I choose the spinal. Before you know it, I had kissed my wife and was on my way around 11. They had a bit of trouble getting the spinal injection in but finally they got it. That's about the last I remember.

Next thing I knew I was awakened to the cute little assistants face with a huge smile and telling me that everything went well and I had received my resurface!! This was wonderful news. I cannot say enough about the spinal. I woke up clear headed except for the oxy they gave me before the procedure. That was not really bad though. The spinal nums you from the waist down and I was the most comfortable that I had been in years, Totally relaxed and totally pain free.

Recovery room had me for a while, not really sure but soon I was headed to my room. The ortho wing of Community General in Syracuse is exceptionally nice. It is totally remodeled and super nice looking. All of the staff was great. Can't say enough about the place. It was a very positive experience.

The next few hours the spinal had not worn off so there was no pain. When it did they gave me more oxy. I also had a morphine button to use. I used it the first night but it didn't seem to do much. The pain was tolerable though. There was also a pain ball with a tube entered right into the surgical site.

I woke a lot that night and hit my pain button each time, I thought anyway. The next day was pretty good. They removed the morphine and just gave me some oxy. That must not agree with me as when they got me up I got light headed, woozy and sweaty. So I only walked a short bit the first day after surgery. No more of that oxy for me!

I did ask for tylenol and that was it from there on.

Day two after surgery found me in much better shape. I must have astounded them in PT because I did everything with seemingly ease and walked back to my room the entire way. I did the stairs as well so I came home on day 2..... and now I am home typing this our....

Overall a very positive experience. My pain is tolerable, and really only present when I work on excises to increase my rom.I am resting comfortably with no meds at the present.

Dr. Clarke told me when asked that my installation was perfect! Also that I had received a 56mm BHR. The largest is 58 I guess so mine is nearly the largest due to my large frame.

I am typing this on the wife's laptop as I didn't feel like getting to my pc just yet. Maybe tomorrow so if I have made mistakes or think of anything else I will add them tomorrow.

May 26, 2010

Today is day seven post-op for me. Things are going good and I am burning up the carpet with my walker. ;D I haven’t taken any Tylenol in a couple of days and the pain is 0 most of the time. If I do have any pain, its really slight.

PT will be here today for their second session. My therapist is both a PT person and also a chiropractor. He seems amazingly knowledgeable and is also looking into the torn rotator cuff that I have been dealing with for a little over a year.

June 1, 2010

Today is post op day 13 and I am heading to the PA for my first follow up.

The doctor did have me taking indomethacin which is an NSAID. I am going to assume this works as a blood thinner as well. At day 8 post op I called the doctors office and told them that I was developing a rash from this drug and they said to stop taking it. I was getting red patches with white scaly crap like psoriasis pop up. Once stopping the indomethacin it started to resolve quickly.

I started taking my 81mg aspirin on my own as they did not say anything about it. Hope this is enough of a dose to ward off clots as this topic has come to my attention recently.

Also, I am keeping my leg elevated a lot with "toes above heart". Dr. Clarke Said there is no need to wear the Ted stockings so I have not done that.

I am also looking for a natural nsaid as I need something for the arthritis inflammation in other areas of the body such as my back. I also have a torn rotator cuff in the left shoulder that has started screaming at me without the nsaids. I took Celebrex for 3 years or so prior to surgery. This caused terrible bowel movement issues and stomach troubles (heartburn) as well. Once off of it, things started working normally again and I also quit the prilosec (taken for heartburn) as well with no issues so far... knock on wood.

I have ordered some megared and am looking closely at sam-e. Although expensive it may be worth it for increased quality of life if it works like it claims.

June 1, 2010

Today's appointment went well. I liked the PA much better today, he must have had an off day before. I am doing well he says and after my 4 week mark the restrictions are lifted and I am to start crossing my legs and taking knee to chest to get the rom increased. He says this is even more important since I am not taking the nsaid to get the muscles loosened up again.

Also, he said the nsaid did not provide blood thinning and was not concerned about not taking any since there is no family history. I thought that was a bit odd. We discussed taking aspirin and I am going to start 325mg once a day for a while just to humor myself. He had no problem with that.

All in all a good report.

I am walking now with just one forearm crutch. I could use just a cane but the crutch provides a bit more stability. My rotator cuff tear makes my left arm a bit wobbly. I can take a few steps with no aids but I don't want to push things too fast.

June 16, 2010

I am now at 4 weeks post-op and doing well. Just after 3 weeks I switched from using one forearm crutch to using just the cane. I could have switched earlier but I have a torn rotator cuff that made my arm a bit wobbly so I stuck to the crutch. The next day I started walking with no aids and it went well so I did it more and more. Now I am walking with no cane at all and only the slightest bit of discomfort. I would not call it pain.

I do believe that my sudden ability to use just a cane, and then start to walk unaided the same day is due to me starting to take Sam-e which is a natural nsaid. Before this I had pretty intense arthritis pain in the knees, back, and other places. When I stood up it was really tough and painful due to not having any anti-inflammatory medicines in me.

For several years I took Celebrex for the pain/inflammation and it worked wonders. The trouble with prescription nsaids, at least with me, is that they have side effects that have proven to not be worth the relief that they offer. Celebrex tore my insides up. I could go into some graphic details, but I will leave it at that and only say that it was pretty severe. If you are taking prescription nsaids, I urge you to keep a close eye on things. They are nasty!

One week prior to surgery I was required to stop the Celebrex and that was one of the best things that could have happened to me. After surgery they gave me Indocin, another nsaid, and I continued it at home but that gave me side effects too and I had to stop it at about 8 days. From there on I had no nsaid and paid the price in pain and stiffness. Now that I have taken Sam-e for a few days and the inflammation and pain is backing off, my recovery took a giant leap ahead.

After lots of research on the internet, last Friday I bought the Sam-e and it really has helped. I feel nearly as good now as when I was taking Celebrex and Sam-e has no serious side effects for healthy individuals. It not only acts as an nsaid but also has mood enhancement qualities at higher doses.

I am taking 400mg once a day now and that is supposed to go to twice a day after a week. I am a bit more sore at the end of the day now but not that bad. The second dose in the afternoon should fix that when I start it. I may try just a half in the afternoon. Will have to see what works best.

As a point of interest – Sam-e has been a prescription drug in the UK since 1976 according to what I have read. It is not FDA approved here in the states so it can only be sold as a supplement. There are many studies and it has a proven track record though. Do your research and use at your own risk! It’s a good idea to talk to your doctor first too.

I am sure there must be lots of people here that could benefit from this. It is a bit expensive but for me it’s worth it at twice the price! Maybe I sound like a salesman, but I’m not. I just wanted to share this wonderful find in hopes someone else will benefit.

In any event, I am doing well at 4 weeks and walk nearly normal! At 4 weeks my hip restrictions were lifted, and I started driving again although I did have to take my wife to the airport 3 days early . I am going to wait a couple of more weeks before riding my motorcycle. It seems like the smart thing to do.

June 24, 2010

5 weeks and one day today! Most of the time I don't even think about my hip. I am walking normally. The only real evidence is after getting up from sitting for a while. After a few steps that resolves and that condition takes some time to resolve I guess.

Actually, I need to be more conscious of the hip as it is still vulnerable to femur neck breakage for up to one year. I want to place no excessive stress on it for a while to be on the safe side!

Rode my motorcycle a couple days ago and found no issues. Its a big heavy road bike so the ride is smooth. Planning a short trip this weekend.... under a 100 miles. I do have slight pain while driving the car, but that's from the position i'm in. Its even worse in the Vette due to the support built into the sides of the seats. The bike does not seem to impact me.

July 9, 2010

I am about 7 1/2 weeks now. Day to day improvement is negligible now since I am walking pretty near normal. Saw my surgeon a few days ago and he said that all is well. I asked to see my xrays and he measured the cup angle while I was there..... 39.6 degrees. Can't ask for better than that!

I am working on rom now and that may take a while to fully return. Think, cross your leg guy style as best as you can, then push down on the knee and lift the foot and try to lean forward. Also bring the knee to the chest with both hands as far as possible. I can get to my shoes to tie them but its not quite normal yet. It will come in time.

So, I am ending my story here for now unless something else comes up. If so then I will fill you all in. I read new posts every day and enjoy this site immensely. It has played a major support role in my life and I cannot say thanks enough.

November 29, 2010

I saw my surgeon about 3 weeks ago for my 6 month checkup. X-Rays confirmed that I am doing fine and bone in growth is sufficient to remove all restrictions. I can now run and jump although he did say to ease into any of these activities. Good news for sure. He also wanted me to work on ROM more. I had not been doing too much of that but plan to get more aggressive now with it.

Dr Clarke in Syracuse NY told me that he has broken the 1000 mark for resurfacing procedures and I said that I would relay this information here so that Pat can update his stats. I would not hesitate using this doctor if it is within anyone's ability to get there. Top notch all the way.

December 18, 2013

I recently flew on 4 different flights. I never told them and no mention was made by TSA of anything. Went right through with no issue. Mine is a 56mm BHR so its on the large side too.

January 14, 2017

I think my lack of activity in this forum could be viewed as a good thing. I don't think about my hip resurfacing at all and haven't in quite a few years. I have been living life as if it never happened, but of course it did. Right now I am 6 years out from the procedure and am very happy to have had it performed.

I recently have had knee troubles and have had to deal with that issue. It has brought prior experiences into my thought process. So, I was thinking about this site and what a tremendous help it was along with all of the people that contribute here.

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