January 26, 2017 - 8+ Year Anniversary

I am 8+ years out of having a right hip surfaced from Doctor Gross.  I am still good, I almost never even think of the day I could not walk and still do not know I have had my hip done.

I believe now that I will take that hardware to the grave, hopefully in many years.

August 6, 2013 - 5 Year Anniversary

Today is the 5 year anniversary of my hip surgery with Dr. Gross.

I celebrated it with playing 18 holes of golf, then we're headed down to the river for some water skiing.

It's funny, most days I do not even think of my operated hip, although on some cold and rainy days I do think about my hip that will probably need done in the next year or so.

All I can say is, if you are in great pain DON'T BE. Find an experienced surgeon and get yourself out of pain.

August 6, 2012 - 4 Year Anniversary

I had my right hip resurfaced August 6th 2008 by Dr. Gross in Columbia SC.

So far so good, my resurfaced hip is much better than any other joint in my body, I am still noticing improvement even 4 years out with more ease in doing things that require ROM.

The only thing recently that I noticed different about my resurfaced hip is that the other day I was out golfing I did not take any water with me and I got a bit dehydrated, I noticed some creeking in my hip, at the turn I drank two large bottles of water and the rest of the day my hip was perfect. That's the first time I've had to deal with a dry socket, I had no pain with hit but it felt like a two rusty parts rubbing together.

I am still VERY pleased with my outcome, pre-op I could not walk more than 50-75 yards without sitting to ease the pain, I wish all my other joints felt the way my operated hip feels.

At this point I am becoming very very optimistic that I will take my implant to the grave, even 4 years ago Dr. Gross was pretty optimistic about the possiblity of that. I'm glad I took the chance at uncemented, I now believe in this device more than ever.

More of Chuck's Personal Hip Resurfacing Story:

My recovery - Operation date: August 6th 2008, 7:30AM
Columbia, SC Dr. Thomas Gross, Lee Webb Assisting

Wednesday August 6th -Operation day: Woke up from surgery, no pain at all, at 2:30 the PT people got me up and walking the hallway. I had some nausea. I had expected some pain but I was delighted to have zero pain. I got asked if I wanted pain meds but I said no.

Day 1 post-op: No pain until late in the day, had nausea from the surgery meds for the first 10-12 hours the day of the operation. Took no pain meds until after dinner time today. Walked the steps across from my room and walked the hallway several times. I spent a number of hours sitting on the chair in my room.

Day 2 Friday Discharge Day: Pain from around and under the incision, felt like a large monkey fist, this is the first day I took pain meds the whole day before I was discharged and in the evening. We tried going out to dinner to celebrate my discharge from the hospital but I could not find a comfortable seated position. I should have taken a pillow with me. Ate my dinner at the hotel.

Day 3: Pain like a bad cramp from around and under my incision, took pain meds before we left for Pittsburgh and was the passenger in our car for the first 4-5 hours, in Virgina we had a late lunch/early dinner I did not take pain meds then so I could drive 4 hours or so to get us to West Virginia where my wife took over. At a rest stop in West Virginia my wife took over driving. Sleeping is bad as I am not a back sleeper.

Day 4: Pain like a bad cramp from around my incision, took pain meds when I got up, had swelling from the trip back to Pgh, elevated and iced the whole day on Sunday. Walked around the house a lot with 2 crutches.

Day 5: Have been trying to get my leg into my own bed and I can almost drag it up myself. I did not sleep well until last night, I slept in my own bed and was able to sleep almost the whole night, I am not a back sleeper so it's hard. Took pain meds all day.

Day 7: I slept on my good side and what a relief, I slept the whole night on my left side and it was the best sleep I've had in a week. Since day 6 I've been on tylenol no need for anything stronger. I can now put my leg in the bed by myself using my patented swing technique where I hook my bad leg with my good leg's foot. Works like a charm. I attended my daughters tryouts for fast pitch softball which lasted 2 hours. I spent the time walking with my crutches.

Day 8: I started using only one crutch today and I even dropped both crutches and walked 3 steps without any assistance, I got chicken and went back to one crutch.

Day 10: WOW! Pain is down to a 1, my monkey fist is gone, I was told by Dr. Gross's surgical assistant that around days 9-11 is the magical time for Dr. Gross patients and she was right on. I've tried walking without a crutch only around the house to go from my chair to the tv and back, still not real steady. Still on one crutch.

Day 12: Slept on both sides and what a relief, at around midnight I decided to try to roll over to my bad side and other than feeling like I am laying on a ball it feels great to sleep on my operated side. Pain is just about all gone.

Day 13: Walking around the house without a crutch at all for the better part of the day. No pain, some stiffness and soreness but no pain that you can measure. I still use a crutch outside because I am nervous of falling on an uneven surface.

Day 19: Started going unassisted for short periods outside I can now easily get in and out of my car and blazer as my rom has really improved.

Day 22: I am now going longer distances without any assistance whatsoever. For my long walks I still take one crutch for insurance.

Day 25: Actually did some work around the outside of my house. I used a weed whacker for about a 1/2 hour unassisted. It was nice to be outdoors doing something without having to run to a chair every 5 minutes.

Day 28: I have ditched my crutches, they are safely in my attic where I hope they will stay forever.

October 6th 2008. Around 8 1/2 weeks post-op. Played my first round of golf, was only going to play 9 holes but I continued on and I actually won the round of golf. My golf buddies will never live down me beating the 3 of them just 8 weeks post-op.

I went back to work the first week of September, although I could have gone back probably weeks ago my classes do not restart until the beginning of Sept.

Fast forward. I am now past the 6 month point. I go to Bally's every Mon, Wed and Friday I do weights, I started squatting on the horizontal squat machine, I did 175# last night on the squat machine, I also do the abductor machines for inside and outside set at around 90 pounds. I swim everyday we go to Bally's. I still have startup stiffness but I've never had sharp pain like pre-op since the day I walked into the hospital. My post-op pain never got worse than my worst day pre-op.

I was someone who waited to the very end to get the surgery, I suffered for a long time before being diagnosed last February with end stage arthritis. I am sure had I waited much longer I surely would been in a wheel chair or at very best 2 crutches just to get around. I actually had to use crutches when the US Open was in Pgh a few years back as it was way too much walking for me then.

My advice to anyone out there, don't wait to get your life back, I gave up many things that I loved, golf, surf fishing, softball and riding my mountain bike, I was wrong, I should have gotten myself taken care of.

I now have zero limitations and this Summer I hope to play some softball, water ski and some water volleyball with my daughter and friends.

Fast forward once again. It's now been 1 year and almost 3 months for me, I am still doing well. This past Summer I purchased a boat and jet skis, I got out water skiing, jet skiing, white water rafting, mountain biking and lots of water volleyball but I never got out and played on an over 50 softball team, I ended up being an assistant coach of my daughters fast pitch softball team.

I have never regretted getting my hip done, the only regrets at this point is that I did not act more quickly.



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