January 3, 2017

My hip pain was a creeper that did not put me totally out of commission until about a year ago. Slowly started quiting all sorts of sporting activities i used to enjoy. No more tennis, jogging, racquetball, basketball etc. Worst of all was limitations with my kids age 9 and 12. I thought my life was over and that i would be an "observer" for the rest of my life. Finally i got motivated to go see a sports medicine doc and X-rays told the story of "end stage" OA in both hips. He couldn't believe how bad it was for my age and was somewhat unsure how to proceed. He thought I was too young for THR and was not ware of Hip Resurfacing.

Within a week or so i found this site and began my research and due diligence.

As luck goes, Dr Gross' practice is only 70 miles from my residence in Charlotte NC. Started the process in June and was able to get scheduled for December.

The surgeries could not have gone smoother. As this was my first major surgery, i was a bit apprehensive. There was no pain pre or post surgery. Getting out of bed Tuesday and Thursday morning was a wake up call for waht i was in for, but it's all ok if you just put one foot in front of the other!

Walking with no cane after two weeks. About 1/2 mile 2x a day. After 3 weeks biggest issue is getting comfortable at night to sleep. Can't wait to get in the pool next week at 4 weeks.

January 8, 2017

3 Weeks Post Surgery - Everything seems to be according to plan. Stopped taking pain meds a few days ago and doing OK. Not sleeping that great, but not a huge deal. Tight and a little sore after sitting for a while. Walking a 1/2 mile in the morning then again in the afternoon. Heading into the office Thursday and Friday.

4 Weeks Post Surgery - Once again, all is well. It was nice to get out of the house and go to work. Felt even better over the weekend as the little bit of soreness seems to be disappearing completely. It has evolved into just general tightness. At 4 weeks was given the green light to try the pool, so looking forward to some laps this week.


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