August 27, 2013

I had my left hip BHR resurfaced on 20th Nov 2000 by Mr D Mcminn and was working again , landscaping and race driving 3 months later. It's brilliant and has kept my right hip going much longer than seemed possible ie. 13 yrs , but it now really badly needs doing. I can't walk far , say half a mile max with a stick plus a lot of pain through my hip/knee and leg. My question to any surgeon willing to reply is ----------- Can this be done on the NHS as I'm no longer in the position to pay , as was the case in 2000 and would really like to have this same very successful BHR method on my right hip ?
I live in BUCKS near to the CHILTERN HOSPITAL and have heard that it's possible to go there under the NHS '' choose and book '' scheme BUT is there a surgeon operating the BHR method there.

October 24, 2014

Although it's not relevant as regards my need for a BHR , I forgot to mention that I have won the Sports Libre 2014 ACSMC Sprint championship again / the 5th time in 14 yrs  ;D Obviously the last event (above post) helped seal it for me.  Getting into the car was ok but damn difficult getting out  , as I'm sitting just 3 inches off the ground.

March 14, 2017

My good news is that no cancerous tumour was found in my right hip , just cysts which were removed then the BHR done on June 16th 2015 . Three weeks after that I was carer again for my wife , obviously she helped me during those three weeks , then I hired help for the two power stockings we all know and love for myself , just no way could I bend beyond 90 degrees . To cut a long story short , by 6 weeks I was walking 2 miles a day 7 days a week and driving the manual car , then saw Mr McMinn at 9 weeks  for checkup. I did the same regime as for my first BHR in Nov 2000 , kept both sticks right up till dispensing with them , rather than switching to one stick as it went on. I found it easier to walk squarely and equally on each leg using two. I have seen people using just the one but noticed that they limped a bit , favouring one leg , not putting full weight on the new BHR leg .   Then in October , just over 3 mths after my BHR I raced at Goodwood again , first time in the car since April the same year so a little scary until I got through the first corner without a ' lift ' ------------ then it all simply clicked in . Came 1st in class but a touch slower laptime than my previous best.
So now I have a pair of BHR's by the brilliant Mr D McMinn 


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