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« on: October 26, 2016, 09:33:58 PM »
Hi folks,
First post so I apologise if it's in the wrong place
I'm looking for advise from the skydivers on this forum,
I've been a keen jumper for 4 years now and  4 weeks ago I had left BHR, I know I will get back in the sky some day but I hope somebody can tell me , should I upsize my canopy for softer landings,should I avoid nil wind and downwind landings,should I just slide them in on my but lol.
Also is sitting in the harness painful or bad for the new hip joint ,what about opening shock on deployment,does it hurt or do you feel any problems at that point.
Sorry for all the questions but I'm hoping there's some experience out there for me
Thanks in advance



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Re: Skydiving
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Hi Shifty,
Not sure I can answer your questions specifically, but I can say that in June, 2015, about three years after my HR, I did a tandem jump.  It was my first skydiving experience ever.  I didn't even think twice about my hip for this.  After running a marathon, skiing, playing ice hockey, long jumping, and sprinting it didn't even occur to me that there's be anything special to worry about for this.

If you are really concerned, check with your surgeon, but otherwise, you should be free to jump as you see fit!
Dr. Su
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Re: Skydiving
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Arrojo - Always good to hear how well you are doing!

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Re: Skydiving
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