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Author Topic: Still not attempted to return to football/soccer... 4 years on..  (Read 782 times)

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Still not attempted to return to football/soccer... 4 years on..
« on: November 13, 2017, 06:43:33 PM »
Hi there, I'm looking for a bit of advice / motivation to be honest.. I'm 33 now, and initially underwent open hip surgery in 2011. This was to try and repair damage to my hip socket. It did not work and subsequently in August 2013 I had a resurfacement in my right hip. I was told this wouldn't necessarily prevent me from playing 5 a side football again, just to avoid 11 a side on a grass pitch due to increased chance of dislocation. I never really returned to football and over time my fitness has deteriorated.. I used to play twice a week and train twice a week. Not only do I miss playing but I also miss the social side of the game. In my work they've started up albeit to begin with a monthly 5 a side kick about, so I see this as a target something I could aspire to get back doing.. having felt resigned to the situation of never really playing again I'm trying to use this as a target / motivation to try and get back some fitness, and if possible get back to playing more frequently. Already I've hit a wall in that just trying to stretch a little and get heart rate up for 5 minutes it's painful. And I have kicked a ball a little, which again I do feel in my groin, but I think that could just be down to my lack of practice / kicking a ball about for so long. I was thinking of using a personal trainer for a bit, see if this helps me with my goal.. what I was looking for from the forum was whether anyone else has found themself in a similar position and whether anyone had any advice?
At the moment I feel resigned to the fact I'll never really get fit again which might sound irrational! Given my age along with the fact I'm soon to become a Dad I don't want to be sat down watching for the next 15 years+, I want to be getting involved. I've had another injury (foot) along the way that has required surgery which hasn't helped my progress and I think I've now reached a crossroads as to where I go next in terms of fitness etc.
Any advice welcome, thanks all.


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Re: Still not attempted to return to football/soccer... 4 years on..
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2017, 06:58:57 PM »

Phill_will - you have to get out there and do it. But, you have to start slowly. Can't just jump into playing. I would do a twelve week buildup before returning.
A lot of regular walking at first and then add in some light running for a minute here and there while on the walks. Should walk at least twice per week if not more. After a month try to add a few sprints now and then as well.
In month three get on the pitch and try some conditioning and sprinting at least twice a week.
You probably could use a strengthening program too but I won't speak to that here.

Of course you could just jump into it and be met with lots of issues.

I play 11-aside twice per week with no pain or performance issues.

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Re: Still not attempted to return to football/soccer... 4 years on..
« Reply #2 on: January 28, 2018, 03:16:25 PM »
I agree with Chuck, you need to go out there. Doesn't have to be anything crazy. Be aware of your limitations, but work on pushing them slowly. You'll be amazed of what you can still do, I'm sure.

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Re: Still not attempted to return to football/soccer... 4 years on..
« Reply #2 on: January 28, 2018, 03:16:25 PM »


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