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Author Topic: Pain In Buttocks 2 Years Post Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) Surgery  (Read 135 times)

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I'm 2.5 years post surgery on my right Hip. I've been doing quite well and getting back to a normal lifestyle. I've been walking without a limp, the range has been good, sleeping good, no movement restrictions and been able to train ok. I've stayed clear of long runs or soccer. In the last week as we approach winter I've been feeling a dull pain in my right buttock (operated hip) mainly when I sit down for a long period of time or when I'm driving for more than 30 mins. This seems worse when I'm at work and sitting through multiple meetings. Does anyone have a similar experience? Is this related to the hip operation or failed Hip resurfacing? or does it sound more muscular related? Can someone please advise? Thanks

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There are so many possibilities, so the smart option is to go to your surgeon, or someone well qualified to evaluate resurfacings, before you get too worried about it failing. Pain in the buttocks can often be back related sciatica. Many years ago before I had my hip surgeries, I had exactly the sort of pain you describe, and many people swore that it was hip related. That time it turned out to be my back, and was luckily cured through back surgery.
Get some tests; metal ion blood test, x-rays, ultrasound, and maybe MARS MRI, and then you will have a better sense of whether you need to be worrying about your hip.
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The easiest thing to do is stretch and foam roller the buttocks. Sometimes that's all it is.

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I'd go with Chuck and John. There are many things at play, soo....

- get things checked if you're concerned (and you are)
- once your mind is cleared, the roller is your friend, but keep checking until you find the reason.

Most importantly get your mind clear by talking to a professional, some tests if necessary, even if it's something fairly innocuous once all is said and done. Good luck...
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Is this something new? Did you experience this last winter? I would be more concerned if it's new. I am about the same amount of time post op. For work purposes I sometimes site for hours at a time. When I do so my butt gets sore on my surgical side. I'm always saying I need a butt massage! If I don't do so much sitting there is no soreness. I suspect it's just muscles. If this is new, or it's something that's getting worse, then by all means ask a professional.


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Catfriend, I just had the same experience with excessive sitting. Who knew a person could suffer a sitting injury!?!?

I was concerned, but now being back at home, living my usual life in which I can get up and move around frequently, I am okay again.

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