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Martial Arts / Re: Tested the new hip with a little BJJ
« Last post by surratt on Today at 05:07:59 AM »
any updates on this hip and bjj?  Im 5 weeks out from bilateral, Im a brown belt and im hoping to get back to training lightly at the 6 month mark....Ill likely start drilling and light rolling for a month or two just to be safe
Hip Resurfacing Topics / Re: Outpatient vs inpatient
« Last post by Glenn Urban on Today at 12:55:13 AM »
Hi Claudia-

I had both my hips done last year, both as an outpatient.  Early morning surgery, out by late afternoon.  As it was explained to me, the longer you are in a hospital, the better chance of infection. Sounded good to me to do outpatient. I did it without family, as I flew to Seattle to see Dr. Pritchett, and my wife was unable to attend, and didn't need to, as I found a gal from Craigslist who takes care of older people and others who need assistance in their wife figured this was as good as her being there, and due to family matters at home, she conceded that this was the best option for me.  The home care gal picked me up after surgery, and that was the first time we had met. She had to be there while they showed me the ropes on using the crutches to get in and out of a car, a shower stall, using a fake commode...she was a trooper...and she was on the clock, so she didn't mind.  When I was prepped the first time for surgery, and the nurse heard my plan, she told me "No way"..then she went yelling for Dr. Pritchett, and I could hear the conversation- "Did you say it was alright for him to have a complete stranger pick him up after surgery and take him to his hotel room?", and Doc said, "Yep" closed.

Both surgeries were fairly straightforward. The agreement was I had to stay in a nearby hotel for 3 nights and the Doc would come visit if I had any complications. I am reading some stories here now where people are going home after one night at a nearby hotel, etc.

Much better to be away from the hospital imo. I would do it all over again if I had to. Outpatient worked very well for me. Very happy I do not have a 3rd hip however, no matter how great it all went down. :)

nice to hear these longer term situations as far as flexibility and improvement, only being 4 weeks out I need to keep that in mind.  Although I cant relate to you and Blinkys situation bc i has femoracetabular impingement so my flexibility was bad from birth. When I finally looked at the x-rays i understood why i had so many problems with kicking to the head in my kickboxing no matter how much i stretched.

Lol Im more flexible at 4 weeks post op than I have been in years, i was unable to bend my knee much past 90 on the bad side and even low kicks to the legs werent a possibility anymore so Im happy as a clam so far.
Recovery Issues / Re: range of motion, 6 months, specifically straddle position
« Last post by lizard on Yesterday at 07:15:02 PM »
I keep hoping time will heal, but it doesn't seem to change at all.  I afraid to "work at it" bcs I'm afraid I will do damage.  I was an athlete before.  I am pretty young, 48, and am scared and getting depressed.  It doesn't hurt like stretching, it hurts like sharp pain where the tissues are compressed.  Does anyone know anything about abutment?  I haven't googled that, thought I'd ask if anyone knows anything.  I mean after all, my new cup is at a totally different angle/position than my native, so maybe it's in the way now?

« Last post by surratt on Yesterday at 06:25:07 PM »
lol yeah im pretty sure a ladder is the only way out I didnt even think of that.  Im breaking the 90 rule more often than I should at the 4-5 weeks.  I dont go far past it but I do break it. 

I miss the sauna so much too so i cant wait.  Cant go today bc we got snowed out!

Yep its funny bc my left hip was the worst preop now the right hip is the one lagging behind.  Im sure the left leg is laughing at the right.
Hip Resurfacing Topics / Refered pain
« Last post by gasyz on Yesterday at 04:53:38 PM »
Had a BHR 2 years ago which is gr8.Infact it's so good that I've now pushed my body to much and the other hip has started to play up.I had a steroid injection to the hip joint last Friday to identify whether or not it is my hip that is causing the pain in my pelvis and lower back on that side.whilst I now have no pain in my hip I still have it in pelvis and lower back.My question is.could I still have refered pain in other areas after a steroid injection or have I got other issues. 
« Last post by blinky on Yesterday at 04:03:00 AM »
That's funny, my right leg feels worse, too. It did from the beginning. Lefty was more messed up, so once it was fixed the relief was amazing and a huge contrast. Righty was messed up, but shouted down by the left leg, so I really didn't notice it. I wouldn't worry if they don't feel the same, but do let your poor right leg have a break. The slower leg will set the pace.

Swimming! At last! For your first swim, start modestly. I think I swam 400m of free, then did some pulling, maybe some pool walking. As I recall, my legs felt pretty alien at first, much to my surprise. But the swimming came back quickly.

The harder part was the logistics! I had to think how to change clothes by myself and how to get into the pool. I brought the grabber and wore easy to change out of clothes. Thankfully, the head of the gym offered to help me if necessary. I didn't need her help, but she popped her head in to be sure I was okay. Do you need to go up and down a ladder? That may be more awkward than you think. Since you can't bend 90 degrees yet, just pulling up on the side is not allowed.

I think you can do it. Bring your sense of humor and be ready to improvise. You will feel so much more normal once you can swim.

« Last post by surratt on January 16, 2018, 10:53:36 PM »
also im trying not to worry about it seeing as though its week 4 but my right side I noticeably feel more pain in when walking, a sharp type of pain thats hard to pinpoint.  Im limping more on that side and I have to compensate in the walk.  The pain was worse in that side from day 1 as well.  I may be pushing too hard bc i feel an ache type of pain after my walks so im going to rest it a day or two.  Just wondering if anyone experienced that in a bilateral
« Last post by surratt on January 16, 2018, 09:59:58 PM »
going to get my first swim in tomorrow...any tips on what type of workouts to do or what type of swimming is best for someone 4-5 weeks out like myself?
Horseback Riders / Re: Getting back in the saddle after a THR
« Last post by LMS on January 16, 2018, 05:44:41 PM »
I'm not very good at updating!  Sorry.  ???

Since starting a new part time job back in April, I had not had a chance to continue sitting on my horse consistently.  Both new & old hips were sore & adapting to being on my feet for a full day's work.  And in a way, it was good thing because I slowly built up strength with the new hip by going up & down grooming step stools & mounting blocks when at the store.  As well as sitting in various saddles when there was a lull.

Once in a while, I would sit on my little, yet quite wide, Appy mare.

Last week, I signed up for a fun online rider challenge.  It's meant to give moral support to fellow riders during this cold & blah time of the year, when no one really feels like spending time in the saddle, let alone play with our ponies. 

So, a week ago, when we got a temperature relief from our deep freeze, I dragged my photographer/babysitter (son) out with me to chronicle & assist if needed.  After all, my mare is still, theoretically, green.

As I walked in the deep snow in a 20 m circle before climbing aboard, I found it was easier to walk with my new hip compared to last time in March.  Once ready to climb aboard, I did the leg over the saddle & lean... well... I could do it on both sides & best of all: I could clear the cantle!!!  Back in March, I could barely lift my leg up on her rump, I was so stiff & sore.

I managed to walk around on my mare for 5 minutes with my son leading (she did not want to move).  I dismounted.  Not a pretty sight but less awkward than last March.  Walked back to the mounting area & got back on to ride for another 5 minutes.  Using a lot of leg to walk on & do w/h transitions.

Then we had crappy temperatures, so not able to go back out to play.  Today is a nice day, I may go out.  ;)

I'll try & attach photos or videos.  :)
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