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Hip Resurfacing Topics / Re: Outpatient surgery for Hip Resurfacing
« Last post by Glenn Urban on Today at 03:27:43 AM »
Hi Grant...

I had Dr. Pritchett do both of my hips last year. Protocol for me was a required 3 day stay in a nearby hotel so that if any signs of infection or other problems showed, he could come visit and see what was going on. Then, a follow up within 10 days give or take was required. No way to send X-Rays from my local X-Ray store via email so he could take a look. I was told when I tried to do that the second time that sending X-rays instead of coming back for a re-look was not part of the agreement I had made. I would be surprised if the 3 day stay after the surgery had been altered, but wouldn't be surprised if the mandatory 10 day re-visit for the check-up might be altered for some people, especially if it was super inconvenient. I flew from Oakland, CA to Seattle and back the same day for each of the follow-ups. That was not too convenient.

I tried to get out of it the 2nd time, and it was no dice.

Also of note: I was attracted to Dr. Pritchett based on the number of procedures he had performed, and also at the thought of getting a device that was not metal on metal. I ended up flying up to do a "meet and greet" and found out that he recommended a BHR over the Synovo. I was puzzled at first about this, but, here I am with 2 BHR devices in my body. I have read a few posts here regarding similar situations.

I was/am very happy with the outcome of my new hip joints. You need to ask more questions of the Doc.

Dear Runner,  Shaving 2 minutes off each 10K time is awesome!  I haven't progressed that quickly but am getting faster too - although not as fast as I was during my banner 2016 pre-surgical year.  I'm curious how old you are and whether you are currently doing any exercises to your glutes, etc.  I am 62.  I'm still doing the targeted ones that I learned during the later stages of PT and they help me avoid pain after longer runs.
Hip Resurfacing Topics / Re: 11 days since my resurfacing with Dr. Pritchett
« Last post by avilax777 on Yesterday at 06:55:27 PM »
Glad to hear you are doing well.  Do you know what devise he used on you?

Hip Resurfacing Topics / Dr Pritchett Patients need some feedback
« Last post by avilax777 on Yesterday at 05:49:26 PM »
I have had AVN for over 11 years and been doing ok, but the last year its been limiting my movement a little more.  I am not in pain only when i over exert myself.  I have spoken with Dr Pritchett and he seems like a great guy.  However, he seems to do multiple devises and because of my avn he will not use the synopreserve, because he feel my devise should be cemented.  It a little difficult finding information on him as it is for the other top doctors.  So I wanted to hear first hand from patients and which devise then had and if they had AVN and how the process was.

Hip Resurfacing Topics / Dr's Gross, Bose, and/or De Smet 2nd opinion?
« Last post by jsblock11 on Yesterday at 02:31:23 PM »
Reading through the archives, it appears possible to get a 2nd opinion from Dr. Gross, Bose or De Smet by emailing xrays?

My BHR was done in 12/2017 and I've had a rare issue where some impingement has broken off a bone fragment from my femoral neck. My surgeon hasn't given me much info about what it really means or if there are any issues from it going forward.

I'd love to have one of the top Dr's take a look at my Xrays and help me decide if this is something to take any action on (via limiting activities and certain movements, etc.) or if there are any other potential impingements from bone spurs I need to be concerned with.

Anyone gotten a 2nd opinion in a case like this? I don't want to waste any of these Dr's valuable time, and would pay any applicable appointment fees, I'd just really like another set of eyes to "grade" my BHR and what issues I might see from this.
Anniversary Stories / 5 years and counting...
« Last post by kate71 on Yesterday at 11:40:28 AM »
So it's been 5 years since I first found this amazing website following my right hip resurfacing so I thought I should check in and say hi!

5 years ago I could hardly walk and limped along after my kids in constant pain; taking painkillers every day.

Now I go running, cycling and walking, play tennis, do pilates and ballet and feel great. Yes sometimes if I don't stretch properly the muscles around my hip can tighten more than the other side but its a small issue and not one I worry about, just need to stretch more!

If you are thinking about this operation then I cannot recommend it highly enough, it has quite simply changed my life. If you are post op and feeling down that your recovery is not going as quickly as you would like, take a breath and be kind to yourself, this is a major operation and you need to give yourself time to heal. You will get there and you will be amazed how much better life will be.

Thanks for the brilliant support from all of you on this site, as I have posted many times before I really couldn't have done this without you, you are my hip lifeline... :)

Hip Resurfacing Topics / Cemented or Uncemented for AVN
« Last post by avilax777 on Yesterday at 04:52:38 AM »
I have talked to a few top doctors and one said cemented is better for avn because of limited bone growth and another said uncemented.  I was wondering if anyone that has AVN can tell me what they got and how its holding up. 
Hip Resurfacing Topics / Re: Clunking of hip
« Last post by Glenn Urban on June 19, 2018, 02:12:12 AM »
Congratulations on the surgery. You are walking a lot already...that is probably the best thing to do imo.

I believe I was crutch free around the 2 week mark I think, but one crutch would be used for extensive walking toward the end of that time frame. I tried to walk without any crutch at day 10 for my follow up after the first hip was done, and it was a mistake. I flew to Seattle from the Bay Area to see my surgeon and flew back the same day, and would have sold my soul for one crutch to get me to my car. But then a few days later, I was walking without, and yes, with a limp, because there is pain/pressure/golf ball/monkey fist in there reminding you that someone did slit your leg and pop out your leg bone and mess around and then put it back.

I agree, there is a wide range of recommendations for what can and cannot be done when you read the posts on this site. Some of it is a head scratcher. I was told 6 months for jogging on softer surfaces like a high school track, and one year before hitting the pavement to run, yet, I have read people's posts here who had the same surgeon I did doing things much quicker than the recommendations I received. 

I think I cheated a little here and there as well, but made a mistake of moving some heavy objects too soon in the recovery game and receiving a very strong warning from my hip and leg to knock it off. The pain was an eye-opener.

My Achilles tendons did not want to go along with the program when I first started trying to jog, which ended up keeping me from running for longer than I had expected.

Now that the Achilles tendons have decided to behave, I am starting to really enjoy my new hip sockets.

I went to PT for my first hip, and skipped it for my second hip. I knew the drills and did what they had suggested, but, it seems like walking, and a little swimming, and a little of this and that does wonders. My PT people had never heard of this surgery. My surgeon's right hand helper said the protocol for recovery was pretty much the same for a full hip replacement.

After running my first 400 in maybe 8 years the other day, I was AMAZED at not only how much fun it was to make it around a high school track again, but how utterly out of shape I felt at the end. One of the best things I have ever experienced since my younger days...legs spent, shoulders spent, cardio in the yellow was awesome, even if it was slow by anyone else's standards.

You will be so happy you had it done. I wouldn't worry about the temporary limp. It will soon go away.
I am so happy with this surgery I talk too much when I post on this site. So I try not to post too much. :)  Good luck and enjoy your new hip.


Hi all,

3 months update.

I saw my Physiotherapist one week ago. She told me that I did great by massaging the scar and that the surgeon did a great job with the scar as the scar looked very nice. She has manipulated my hip and this was very very painful. She told me that my muscles and tendons need to be moved and gain flexibility as they have been used not to move a lot.
She also told me that I am fine to start doing exercises such as squats or balance on 1 leg.
She also told me that I can do bike .

I've started going back to the gym then and that's good !
Doing indoor bike is good but it's still a little bit painful when my knee is bent closer to my chest.
Hope this will be better and I will be able to bend my hip and my knee more than 90 degrees without pain.
After my gym workout, I go to the sauna. Sauna + cold water is great for the body according to lots of high level sport guys.

My global 3 months feedback is that this is great.
I can walk for a long time without pain. My back is not hurting after a long walk.
If I touch the scar, this is still painful, like needles or planting a knife :-(

Will give you more feedback after more time at the gym and with the physiotherapist.
Definitely, the interesting part is starting ;-)
Paprika and Pete, That's Great!  I too have been ramping up my running.  Resurfaced by Dr. Pritchett August 2017 . since then I have run 5 10k's Our running club has a 10k series that my wife and I participate in. I have noticed that I have pretty much steadily improved my time by a consistent 2 minutes each race, they are all chipped timed. it's getting easier and I hurt less after each one. it's Kind of weird,  but all of a sudden lately,  I discovered  I can run as much as I like and it doesn't hurt, at all. I limped around for a day after running a 1/2 marathon a month ago.  This morning I ran 13.5 miles and I feel no ill effects in my BHR leg. I feel a bit tired and just a little sore everywhere else (good), which is normal for me after that distance as I haven't run a Full M since before surgery. My 10k times haven't crossed over with what i could do a couple years before surgery...but they are getting there
I am currently running 120 miles/month   (Marathon runner in recovery)     
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