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Hip Resurfacing Topics / Hip Flexor pain 8 weeks out
« Last post by byebye on Yesterday at 08:59:09 PM »
Had hip resurfacing done on 1/22/18 with Dr. Pritchett in seattle.  Things have been going well and i have been back in gym doing weights and cardio equipment (stair stepper, exercise bike).    I am having two issues that I could use advice on:

1) tightness down scar line (what a scar!) and some minimal pain. 

2) Sharp pain at hip flexor when knee is bent past 90 (sitting in chair putting shoe on, or at pt when he attempts to stretch flexor. This is a jolting pain -

are these normal?   How do I get my hip flexor to settle down (ive been icing nightly).

Thank you
Hip Resurfacing Topics / Weight Bearing Progression After 10% Limitation Lifted
« Last post by Owl on Yesterday at 06:01:33 PM »
For those of you who were 10% weight bearing post surgery for 4-6 weeks then allowed to increase weight bearing after that, what was your progression, i.e. percentage of body weight added per day or week?
Hip Resurfacing Stories / Re: Dr Gross rtHR 3/12/18
« Last post by surratt on Yesterday at 03:11:42 PM »
i wasnt prepared for the fatigue either.  Just making a trip to the kitchen the first week and making some food was exhausting.  Good thing is that goes away pretty quick within a couple weeks but its tough at first if you are on your own. 
Hip Resurfacing Topics / Re: When to have surgery?
« Last post by Maureen on Yesterday at 01:58:53 PM »
I'm new to the discussion.  I've had a "sore" hip for over 10 years, but was always able to bike, hike, swim, and generally be on by feet all day every day.   Last year after an 80 mile backpacking trip, the right hip started to really hurt.  Still I didn't limp, but I stopped all the exercise I had been doing to get ready for the aforementioned hike.  I was climbing steps for hours and walking 15 miles with a pack.  Maybe that was too much, but this year it seemed to catch up.  Since it was hurting I started to swim instead.  The hip hurt so much worse!  The kick of the side stroke and that same kick as I swam overhand made the symptoms much worse.  Stopped that and the symptoms got  better.  Radiographs say my hip is bone on bone.  I have trouble tying my shoelaces.  Putting my right ankle on my knee is pretty limited and sometimes very painful.  Lifting my foot off the floor and to the gas pedal in the car sometimes hurts.  All that but then some weeks everything seems fine.  I'm 67 and always been active.  Are there certain symptoms or tests that definitely say "Get your hip fixed!!"  Or is it just up to me to do when ever I want.  It would seems keeping my natural hip as long as possible is desirable, but then I am getting older every single day.  Just retired and want to do things besides be laid up with the post-surgery months of rehabilitation.  I need advice or encouragement on what others have done with similar decisions to make.

A few comments:
1)  You will  likely not be "laid up" for months with post-surgery rehabilitation.   I had my surgery 8 days ago and have been walking (with crutches) every day since.  Yesterday, I did about a half mile with one crutch and zero hip pain!   I definitely have bruising, swelling and soreness at the incision site but from day one that has been for me a much much lesser pain that what I was trying to hobble through on the bone on bone hip!   Of course, the level of activity and speed of recovery are based on individual conditions (a Dexa scan would inform where you would be placed on the fast or slow recovery protocol from Dr Gross anyway)
2) there is a point that is too late for HR.  I needed some bone grafts to fill in holes in my bones from waiting too long.   Not sure how much more damage I could have done and still been a candidate but it would have been sad to go into surgery and find out I had waited too long and done too much damage... 
3)  The one person I talked to beforehand said that he had been unable to tie his socks and shoes when he had his first hip resurfaced (10 years ago) but when his second hip started to fail, he made the appointment immediately because he KNEW how much better it would be!   It was comforting for me to hear :-)
Good luck with your consult(s) and keep us posted!

If you're in Seattle and already seeing someone at Swedish, then my recommendation is to go see Dr. James Pritchett. He is one of the top resurfacing (and joint) surgeons around. He is part (head at one point; may still be) of the Swedish Orthopedic Institute, and that's where he performs his surgery. He has an office in the Cabrini Tower as well another in Kirkland. He not only does resurfacings, but replacements, revisions, and other joint surgeries. He has resurfaced a number of the hips of forum members, including myself.
Hi folks! I'm a 33yr old male and avid road cyclist. I've completed a number of high level endurance events and amateur competitive road racing.

About a year ago I had a high speed bicycle collision and sustained a displaced femoral neck fracture. I was immediately taken to Swedish hospital in Seattle and ~6hrs later had emergency surgery to repair the fracture with pinning. After 10wks of no weight bearing, the fracture completely healed and I spent several months in rehab learning to walk again. It was incredibly difficult but I had an awesome PT and worked religiously at getting my ROM/strength back.

Unfortunately, I've had two complications since the fracture:

1) Severe hip flexion ROM deficit and pain from pinning. I found out after the fracture that I had pre-existing asymptomatic FAI. It became symptomatic after the fracture and now causes severe pain with any hip flexion past 90 degrees. My surgical pins also backed out as the fracture healed and I have pretty bad IT band pain.

After exhausting all other options with my PT, I decided to explore hip arthroscopy with a specialist at Swedish and I'm scheduled to have it done next month to address these issues. The surgeon will attempt to reshape the femoral neck to allow for additional ROM and remove some or all of the surgical pins.

2) AVN. In anticipation of arthroscopy, I had an MRI completed a month ago. Unfortunately, it shows early stage AVN in my hip. Despite this, my surgeon says it's fine to go ahead with arthroscopy as it's unclear if the AVN will continue to progress or if the bone with re-vasculaize and remain stable without collapse of the femoral head.

My questions for y'all are two-fold:

1) If the AVN progresses, can one have hip resurfacing done to preserve the hip joint and avoid total hip replacement?

2) If hip resurfacing is an option, would it be jepordized by arthroscopy? E.g. if I have bone reshaped, would it impact potential/eligibility of future resurfacing?

I'm going to ask my arthroscopy surgeon these two questions as well, but thought I'd ask the question here as well.
Hip Resurfacing Topics / Re: 12 Year Anniversary BHR with Dr. De Smet March 15, 2006
« Last post by evant on March 19, 2018, 04:30:10 PM »

Well done Pat.

What a great surgeon you chose.
Hip Resurfacing Topics / Re: Working While 10% Weight Bearing??
« Last post by Owl on March 19, 2018, 02:56:25 PM »
I'm just curious, why are you 10% weight bearing? And who did the surgery?

Dr. Gross did my surgery.  I'm 10% weight bearing because of bone cysts in some areas that required bone grafts.  After 10% weight bearing for six weeks I have X-rays and PT ROM measurements taken locally (I live 900 miles away), send them to the Dr. for review then await further instructions for increased weight bearing.  He talked like the best case was increasing the weight bearing through week eight then on a cane for another four weeks after that.
Hip Resurfacing Topics / Re: Working While 10% Weight Bearing??
« Last post by vonhouser on March 19, 2018, 02:20:26 PM »
I'm just curious, why are you 10% weight bearing? And who did the surgery?
Hip Resurfacing Stories / Re: Dr Gross rtHR 3/12/18
« Last post by einreb on March 19, 2018, 02:11:27 PM »
I am 5 days post op and feeling pretty good overall.   I think the last few days have been a little rougher (the trauma of surgery catching up with me?) and I don't feel all that great (tired, a little feverish and bruised and swollen).
BUT the pain is not bad - sooooo much better than the pain I'd been dealing with for the past year and walking with one crutch already feels better than walking before !

The post surgery fatigue is interesting. I found it to be rather overwhelming at times, but if you consider all the effort your body is having to do to heal after the carpentry...  it sorta makes sense.  It will improve... two steps forward, one back, etc.

Congrats and good luck!
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