Author Topic: Has anyone had any experience with Dr. Christine Young in Toronto, ON, Canada?  (Read 11600 times)

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Hello, I'm new on this site and am considering having Dr. Young perform a HR for me. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience withyou work.
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Hi Mark:

Frustrating huh. No responses to any of our  Canadian surgeons. It`s as if us Canadians are so far behind. Story after story  from surgeons around the world yet very little about Canadian surgeons or Canadian patients. Wow! maybe if I say Canadian one more time we will get noticed  ;D.

Have you decided to go with Dr Young...I myself have had my limit of living in pain and am no longer waiting for the right time. I am focusing all my thoughts on being pain free as of April 19th. I have put my faith in Dr McCalden (London)to give me a new lease on life. I hope to add some Canadian spice to this site with positive posts very soon.

Good luck Mark...wishing you the best...O`h CANADA! EH!   :D :D



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You may want to look into Emil Schemitsch, MD at St. Michael's in Toronto. 

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 I did not have Dr. Young do my hip resurfacing, but spent time with her last Sept. at the 3rd annual hip resurfacing course.  I did a nice video interview with her  http://www.surfacehippy.info/doctorinterviews/younginterview.php

I also talked with Dr. Antoniou, but we did not have time for a video interview.  Will try this year.

Dr. Antoniou is one of the most experinced.  I have quite a list of Canadian surgeons on my list  http://www.surfacehippy.info/listofdoctors.php#Quebec  Check the others that are listed too.

We are not ignoring Canada, there just are not as many Canadian members here as US members.  When you get your resurfacing, be sure to post your story.  That's a great way for people to learn about the Canadian surgeons.

We welcome the Surface Hippies and wannabees from the North  :D

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Hi Mark,
Do you remain satisfied with the operation by Dr. Young?  Even though I live in Hamilton and she is in Scarborough, I have asked her to give me a hip resurfacing on my left side.  I had to wait about 3 months to see her.  My appointment was in January.  She has told me that the soonest I can have surgery is October!  I wanted to have it right away.


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Nice report Peter, sounds like you're doing well. All of that is normal. You'll make progress, but are still early on, keep up the good work.
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Good to hear some at home experiences for MY (lol) Toronto area - Best wishes for continued success Peter & Rosie - happy things are working out for you
I have posted my experiences previously but repeat it here
1) Orignally diagnosed with Osteo A., summer of 2010 - waited 3 months for an appointment with Dr. Schemitsch who did a HResurface on a friend of mine who referred him to me - excellent surgeon
2) Told to come back when the pain was more unbearable - no appointment booked
3) Pain intensifying summer of 2012 - on advice of a TotalHR ortho, got a cortisone shot that lasted about 6 weeks before my body voided it- nice feeling but would never ever ever get a shot like that again, as only masks the pain - you still do more unfelt damage by vigorous exercise
4) September, 2012 could not even get an appointment with Schemitsch until Jan 5/13
5) Tried for a family doctor referral appointment with Dr. Christine Young - my sister in law worked at the hospital where Dr. Young operates from - Dr. Young is highly regarded. Told the wait time for appointments alone was 3-4 months
6) Meanwhile I have the bone on bone jolts - it is affecting my work, my confidence, self-esteem, mentally I am frustrated
7) I cannot deal with it - I want my life back. Fortunate to have a reasonable income. Use this invaluable site and research a # of surgeons. Chose Dr. Gross and surgery date March 21st
8) Have NEVER regretted the decision - top notch quality and back golfing at 3 months 1 week

So while I maintain that Canada has some great great HR surgeons with sufficient experience, IT IS THE SYSTEM ADMINSTRATION & DEVELOPMENT FOR MORE SURGEONS, that absolutely sucks!! The wait times are disgusting. Great for having babies and life-threatening emerg. surgery (heart etc.) but specialist elective surgery is totally weak in this regard.
I am extremely patriotic and a total optimist, but this area makes my blood just boil as I wonder about others in this same category - thank you for reading my rant
Bilateral 99.9% Canadian,.1% USA re; BHRP (right) -3/21/13 Biomet uncemented - Dr. Gross / Lee Webb Columbia South Carolina
BHRP (left) standard uncemented Dr Emil Schemitsch sept 25/17
London Ontario Canada
Damn Osteoarthritis!!



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