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Can't Keep a Good Man Down ,
« on: March 20, 2010, 08:21:32 PM »
Daddy's Home,, LOL ,, well 2 hip surgeries in 60 days , Monday post-op 10 weeks and this ole boy is still kicking,, How is everyone,, Gosh I am to the point where you start to think about doing the second one,, That will only be 3 hip surgeries in 4 months,, ( going for a once a month average here folks ) I think someone has a secret life insurance policy on me and just not telling me,, I am doing good,, walking almost a mile a day but left one feels broke,, but that right sucker is all metal and all good, only complaint here is I have numbness down right lateral at nights when I go to bed, seems to be maybe coming from my back , Not sure,

Ok People ,, I need your help, Do I resurface the left or just match it up with a stryer THR like the right. Mont says he could just pull the trigger when he goes in there but he knows if like the right which he knows is good bone stock, as body is symetrial , he will resurface or we can make up our minds going in,, What advantages does anyone see in having my own bone on one side for 10-15 years,, Most say match that sucker and go on with life,, keep in mind I am 57,, in good health but not planning on trying out for the 2016 olympics or driving a race car like I wanted to with the resurface,, oh for those of you who dont know,, nov 4th resurface,, ( it was a miracle ) 9 weeks later BROKE ,,, no event to cause except for extreme PT .. not blaming just stating,, Jan 11th THR, all done in Baltimore by Dr Mont , Thanks for letting me always vent here and I am just glad to be in good shape and doing things,, That musle lock really scared me,, glad that gave way after 3 weeks, No one still understand what caused that,, maybe the flight home,, I had severe cramps on the flight home.. Anyone thinking Dr Gross, those folks down there are nice,, Will not take all your insurance but they are nice and Richland Northeast is very nice facility ,, Something about Dr Mont I just like,, Not sure what but I just like him a lot,

My new one , -->  http://www.stryker.com/en-us/products/Orthopaedics/HipReplacement/Primary/Pressfit/AccoladePressfit/index.htm#
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Re: Can't Keep a Good Man Down ,
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2010, 08:39:00 PM »
Hi Steve

Glad to hear the hip is doing well.  I am usually quite opiniated about hip resurfacing, but I am not sure what I would do in your situation.  I have wondered what I would do now if I needed another hip since I am 65 and a woman.  Few would want to give me a resurfacing even if my bone stock was good.  So I would most likely want a resurfacing, but might have to face a MOM THR. 

You would think it better to have 2 matching hip devices, but I know a handful of people that have both a resurfacing and a MOM THR and they have no problems.  I guess I would lean toward the resurfacing since you are still in your 50's. It is always good to keep all your femur bone when you can, at least in my opinon.  I can, however, understand how much you are going to think about this since you had your resurfacing fail. One major surgery is tough enough, but facing 3 is really a lot to go thru. 

Maybe some other people will have some thoughts too.

I would also listen to Dr. Mont and consider his imput, especially since you get along well with him. 

I guess I didn't help you at all did I?  I will still be interested in hearing how you are doing and what your final decision will be.  I know we will all be reading your posts and giving you support.

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Re: Can't Keep a Good Man Down ,
« Reply #2 on: March 20, 2010, 08:53:25 PM »
You are always a help Pat,, now I did feel like a dog chasing its tail reading that, LOL , just kidding ,, I am just like that, I am not sure, a 4th one would be horrible, gosh ,,  hehe,, thanks for always caring ,
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Re: Can't Keep a Good Man Down ,
« Reply #3 on: March 21, 2010, 08:32:00 AM »
Hi Daddy's Hip

Here's hoping everything goes well for me.

Best wishes

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