Author Topic: has any one used a doc in the Dallas Ft. Worth area that I should look for?  (Read 2297 times)

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I live in the Dallas area. There are a few that have done 300 on Pat's list. I am not sure that is enough experience. Is there any one that is worth talking to in this area? I am looking at Doc Gross but he is out of net work for my insurance. Can any one offer a suggestion?
Thank you Jay

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Hi Jay

I don't always have the up to date number of resurfacings for the surgeons.  Unless they write me or a patient tells me, I have no way of knowing them. Dr. Weeden and Dr. Crofford may be over 300. You can always call their office and ask.  Both have been helpful in supplying informaiton to the website. They are very pro hip resurfacing.  Dr. Weeden did a video just for the website  http://www.surfacehippy.info/shvideos/videossurgery.php

It is always good when the doctors are very pro resurfacing.  Otherwise, they sometimes would rather just do a THR if the hip surgery looks diffiuclt.

My suggestion would be to meet one of the 2 above surgeons and see how you feel about them if you have insurance problems.  Of course, Dr. Gross is very experinced by he does the uncemented Biomet.  Many people prefer that while others don't.

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Thanks, do you feel comfortable at 300?



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