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Thanks to all the Hippy's
« on: November 08, 2007, 12:17:23 AM »
I've got surgery scheduled with Dr. Scott Ball this coming Tuesday (11/13) to resurface my right hip. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm 40 years old and I've been researching the hip resurfacing the past three years. I saw two leading hip specialists that told me the Total Hip Replacement was the only solution and that I would never surf again. Well I hope to be back in the water in early 2008. I had planned to go to Belgium but after meeting Dr. Ball I felt very confident in his knowledge and experience so I chose to stay close to home and have my insurance (Blue Cross) help pay the bill. He took time to listen to every concern I had and answered every question, and believe me after reading the message boards from prior surface hippy's I had lots of questions.

I'm 6' 2" and 235 lbs. and I HATE needles or anything to do with getting cut. You know the bigger they are the harder they fall. In any case thanks to everyone for sharing information, it has been invaluable in my decision making and given me the confidence to get this done.

I'll let you know how things go!


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Re: Thanks to all the Hippy's
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2007, 12:25:35 AM »
Best wishes for a great outcome and speedy recovery. There is another surfer from SoCal who just had his hip repaired by Dr. Ure in Mt. Shasta. Maybe he will notice this and chime in. Be sure and get back to us from the "other side". (as they refer to resurfacing on Yahoo Surface Hippy.)



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Re: Thanks to all the Hippy's
« Reply #2 on: November 08, 2007, 12:55:36 PM »
I hear really good things about Dr. Ball, you will be in excellent hands. 



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Re: Thanks to all the Hippy's
« Reply #3 on: November 08, 2007, 09:26:22 PM »
Hey DelMar...I'm really glad you found re surf acing.   I  had pain from OA in my left hip for 20 years and just got it fixed about 4 weeks ago by Dr. Ure in Mt. Shasta.  Any Orthopod that doesn't do resurfacing will tell you you are not a candidate....I went through years of that and wouldn't hear of THR and no surfing.

Fortunately, the FDA approval and my "last straw" pain threshold showed up at about the same time...so I was able to get resurfacing covered by insurance.   How wonderful!!!!  I'm so glad I waited and used all those alternative therapies (and tons of celebrex).  When I finally got surgery I could hardly walk a block with a cain, and surfing (with heavy meds) wasn't even worth it because of the pain the next few days.

Although my tissues and muscles are still on the mend....NO MORE JOINT PAIN!.  My range of motion is already much better than before.  I'm looking forward to a whole new world of physical capability... and I'm sure you are too!

If there is anything I can help with, let me know. 

Keep us posted.  Pat put a cool new Blog capability on this website so you can tell your story.




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