Author Topic: I found I was a resurf candidate for my R hip, but....  (Read 1673 times)

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I found I was a resurf candidate for my R hip, but....
« on: February 29, 2008, 12:35:41 AM »
I posted this also on the yahoo hippy list too, but the more opinions the better! ;D

I went to see Dr. Palmer in stillwater MN today. he looked at the pics of my right hip bones and I am definitly a candidate for resurfacing.
He found I had one cyst that would not be a problem.
His numbers look good, 150 sucessful resurfacings and only 2 where he had to go to a THR, and those were extreme conditions.

I was found to have almost a 2 inch shorter right leg. (thats is inches, not centimeters!)  that is the main cause of my bad limp.
He told me the advantages of the HR, (that I already had learned from this list)but it would not fix my lenght difference so even though I wouldnt have the arthritis pain, I would still have the bad limp that could someday ruin my back, knees other hip etc.

He thought it would be better to do a all metal THR because he could add an inch to my leg, that plus a lift in my shoe could give me good walking ability.
I never even thought I would even consider a THR, but I have to admit, his case made some sense.
Problem is, if I did go that route and it failed, I would be hosed!

He said he would do either one it would be my choice.

I wont get a THR unless all the resurf experts agree that it would be best for me.
My pics reveal narrowing in my left hip too, he said that one will probably be a candidate for a resurf in a couple of years.  :P
Oh well, some good and suprising news, my knees look great, he said they got plenty of milage in them!  ;D
Suprising because I used to have lots of problems with them.

see my hip pics at my blogspot  8)

What do you all think I should do?   :-\
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Re: I found I was a resurf candidate for my R hip, but....
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2008, 06:23:31 PM »
Vicky had 1/2" added to her leg.  That still leaves you 1 1/2 short - but you could use a lift in your shoe.  I would get some input from the really experienced doctors.  Dr. Palmer may be good, but he isn't one of the greats yet with 3000 or 4000 hip resurfacings behind him.

Both Dr. De Smet of Belgium, Bose of India and Gross in SC will give you a free consultation. I would get more input before I made my decision. 

How old are you?  Once your femur is cut off - you can't get it back.  If you are younger, I would think you would want to try to get the resurfacing. I was 61 and still wanted a resurfacing.

Try to get some more input before you loose too much more sleep and make a decision.  We are not medically trained.  The best thing we have learned is to get input from the experts.  Then you have good info to make a decision with.

Stay in touch.  We are here to support you - but can't tell you what to do, only tell you what we would do.

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Michael Thompson

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Re: I found I was a resurf candidate for my R hip, but....
« Reply #2 on: March 01, 2008, 11:16:15 PM »
I agree! I am going to get a opinion from Dr Bose. He would be the only epert who I realisticly can afford some day.
I am 42 and want to be active, so a total hip is not for me at this time.
I will not lose anymore sleep. no need to rush into things. If I get the green light from Dr. Bose it will take me some time to save up the dough.
Thanks for the reply Pat
After I send my images and get a reply I will let you know how it went!
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