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I have been pre-approved with my amazing (lucky me) insurance for resurfacing on right hip. Though American,  I currently live in the Netherlands, rather than going with Dr De Smet I have chosen Dr Pritchett in Seattle. Family support system to help out with PT, dr appts etc...
My problem is I had intended on surgery the third week of May, but my 88 year old mother has decided she wants to come to Europe mid July  - with me as her helper. I'm thinking from reading posts ,that would be a bit early in my recovery for someone to depend on me. This being said, I would have to postpone my surgery until late October.
Can anyone advise on cortisone shots, or any word on hylauronic acid treatment to help alleviate pain for the short term?
I'm a 53 female, fit except barely 10% ROM in right hip. Not painful 100% of time, but we all know what it is like, when pain strikes.
Thanks in advance.


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Hi, and welcome to the site.

I think several hippies have had cortisone for short term treatment with varying degrees of success. I'm sure some will weigh in.

Mid July would be pushing it, especially if she needs extra physical help. You don't want to compromise the femoral neck or head at the time when it's weaker than normal, or any other part of the healing of the bone to the device.

This is a major step for you, with the probability of relieving the pain you are in, which we all know. Have you spoken to your mom about switching to October instead?  That would give you a good six months of recuperation, when you would be in good shape for her needs.

It would also save you from months of taking medical treatments for pain. She might be willing to adjust her plans for that.

I'd give your health a priority if there are no other considerations. Just my opinion.
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If your so close to having the op I'd steer clear of cortisone purely because of the risk of infection.
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I think you would be very foolish to delay your surgery just because your mother wants to go on vacation, no matter how old she is.  Just tell her that you are having surgery and you will need rehab afterwards.

That being said, I got by for almost three years with cortisone injections while racing the mountain bike.  They work for some people and don't work for others.  All they do is remove the inflammation so you feel good until the next time you aggravate the area the next time.  My first injection was on the right and it lasted about nine months.  My last ones were on both sides and lasted three days.  You should give it a shot, it might make you more comfortable while you wait for surgery.  But I wouldn't put it off, I'd have the surgery in May.
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My Dr told me that he recommended to wait 60 days after a cortisone shot to have surgery. I had 4 shots over a two year span the most relief I had was maybe three weeks. You could give it a try it might give you some relief for a while just make sure to ask your Dr if it would delay surgery.
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I had the shots on both sides, at different times, prior to surgery.  One the worst side it didn't help at all.  On the other side I did get relief for a few months; that one was injected twice--  6 months and then one month prior to the first BHR on the other side, and it helped while I waited for the 2nd resurfacing on that side (while depending on the "better" hip leg after the 1st surgery).

After I got my first BHR, my surgeon told me he would advise no more shots, because the relief is temporary, and there is about a 0.5% chance of infection with each shot.  I knew the other side had to be resurfaced, so that drove me to schedule #2.

Like the hippy's above, I would not delay due to a vacation, the pain and disruption caused by the hips is something you should not wait to get through.  Just my 2 cents.

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Thank you to everyone....

I so appreciate this site and the help everyone offers. Hip pain is awful, but knowing it is your mother's final trip to her place of birth is a tough one. I must say, your comments all have me leaning towards surgery in May.

Meanwhile, ice, pillows and voltaren are my friends.

Thanks, again. Any more suggestions, comments - all welcomed.


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Other people out here know more about this than me but I thought I'd mention something Dr. Gross told me. When I was struggling with deciding on when to have my surgery I talked with Dr. Gross about it. He said there was no harm in waiting as long as I didn't run on the hip or get cortisone injections. I didn't dig deeper into why he didn't think the injections were a good idea but knowing Dr. Gross I'm sure he had a good reason. Sorry I don't have any more info than that but given the warning I got from the doctor it would give me reservations about having an injection. I would at least investigate it further before taking that step.

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Just an idea here....but.....

Do you have anyone around to help you with your mother during her visit?  By then, you will likely be 90% back to normal, everyday (non-impact) activities.  But, as was mentioned, you will not be in a position to assist your mother with lifting, getting in/out of a chair or bathtub, etc.  If you can hire someone to assist, then maybe you can do both.  Otherwise, postpone (and deal with pain a while longer), or delay her trip a few months if possible. 

Also, as was mentioned, don't put yourself in a position where you might screw up and hurt yourself.  Once the pain is gone (and it is the moment you wake up), you might be inclined to do something you shouldn't during her visit.  That is a bad recipe.....

Good luck.
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If it is truly bone on bone it may give you a little relief for a week or two. My Hip pain came on suddenly and within 4 months i was scheduling a resurfacing. I tried stem cell injections which didnt work then tried Syn-Visc and steroids with little relief.Everyone has different results depending on the severity. I am scheduled for BHR next week.



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