Author Topic: Why are surgeons in favour of doing a replacement rather than a resurface?  (Read 1562 times)

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I'm a active woman age 49 suffered to long now it's time to get it sorted
But when I have mentioned resurfacing they do not want to know is it because it is more specialised.
I need to get back on my feet fast resurfacing seems to be the way forward for me.
Any advice would be great.


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There are lots of reasons some Surgeons don't like resurfacing. There were several devices rushed to market which failed badly and had to be withdrawn. Also the operation is very very difficult to do! So most surgeons just are not capable to carry it out! But rather than admit they aren't good enough they just bad mouth it. There has also been issues with patient selection with surgeons carrying out resurfacing on patients who would be better off with a thr for example.

For the right patient a good proven device placed by a top surgeon is the best option. But it's not for all patients and certainly not all orthopaedic surgeons! 
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Hi Jacki, welcome - you're in the right place to get information.

As Danny mentioned, there are several reasons why some surgeons are discouraging patients from resurfacing. I don't think for most people they are valid reasons, but the recent articles about some issues with it have caused surgeons to retrench.

Like many here, I also faced the same attitudes, but was determined to get what I thought was a superior option for an active person who is determined to keep active.

Pat (who started and keeps up the site) just posted a great set of videos from one of the more prominent HR surgeons that talks about your question and many other aspects of the operation.

It's well worth looking at. You can skip pictures of the operation if you're not interested; everything else will get you really informed.

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Thank you for the replies I watched a great video yesterday lasted about 45 mins.


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If you live near Birmingham it might be worth your while paying for a consultation with Mr McMinn to discuss your options.  He may than be able to recommend a suitable surgeon who could do the suggested operation on the NHS. 
Please remember, if you do opt for resurfacing, following agreement by Mr McMinn. I would suggest only chosing a surgeon who has done at least 1000 and has done a lot of women with good outcomes, as smaller frames require a great degree of accuracy. 
If you do go to Mr McMinn, please let me know how you get on.
Best wishes


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One reason is the bad press that HRs have received, the other reason is that it's much more difficult to place a cup with the femoral neck and head in the way.

There are even a number of surgeons who will opt out during surgery and you either end up with a mini hip or a total hip replacement.

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