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I'm 43 years of age, now post-op and progressing in recovery, already wondering what my abilities and limitations are going to be after I recover fully.

My Surgeon knows that I am active, and I told him I wanted to be able to cycle again, but without pain.  To this point, he's been cautious and vague about telling me for sure (yet) what I'll actually be able to do actively, once fully healed and ready after musclar therapy is 100% complete. 

NOTE:  What started out as a hip resurfacing surgery (surgery1), sort of ended up being a 1/2 & 1/2 hybrid set of components installed at close of (surgery2) - on the same day; long story.  My now installed cup is a "full" replacement component with two screws.  My femor ball is stanless steel with a spike, tyically used in hip resurfacing.  Installed below,

Hip Socket:

Latest type Cormet/Stryker X3 Technology with polyethelene liner installed into 56mm acetabular cup.  This component from what I understand is normally from a "full" hip replacement only.   

Stainless steel ball spiked and cemented in, normally used for hip resurfacing only. 

Notes: After my first surgery failed, and the cup slipped right out of recovery, and my hip became disclocated, they put me right back under, went back in there, and replaced the cup with this newer, stronger, screw-in type with X3 technology.  Originally, this is what I asked for, and on the 2nd round, he went back and installed it.  Now I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it holds and it works.  This is the latest May 2007 approved set of components. 

All the research I've done and found results on the internet is feedback from people in 2006, before these components were available.  I wonder who else out here has what I have installed, and what research others maybe have done. 

I'm truly hoping I'll be able to get on my cross trail mountain bike and ride 20 miles any time I feel like it.

What type of activities and sports will I really be able to do once recovered?

- Hiking?
- Bicycle / Cycling?
- Motorcycle trail riding?
- Tennis?

- Jogging, Running (No)

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Re: Sport Activity Abilities after (X3 Technology) Hip replacement ???
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Hi Decooney,

Glad you are doing well. You should be able to do any sporting activity you like. The timing of beginning such activities is variable. Biking can start sooner than impact or sports involving lateral movement. Your doctor should be able to guide you on this.

I suggest putting your bike on a trainer or ride a stationary bike first and then progress to the road and trail. I am now 4 months post op and am riding up some pretty steep grades- 20-25%
with no issues from the hip at all.

My guess (and I'm no doc-just an exercise physiologist) is that at 3 months post op you should be able to get on the road/trail.

I also failed to mention that I didn't ven sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

take care,



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Re: Sport Activity Abilities after (X3 Technology) Hip replacement ???
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Hi Spencer,
Sound great.  Thanks for replying.  As you can imagine, i'm just starting to come out of the "cabin fever" phase of this recovery, mind racing about how this all all going to pay off or not.  I spent the last two years researching options, putting up with pain, delaying this to a point where I finally had to bite the bullet and just do it.  My surgery was complicated by an immediate do-over on the same day.  I ended up with a mix of components, and hopefully for the better.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed about this new X3 technology, hoping to get maxium results and longevity.  I no longer abuse myself any longer physically, but would like to know I can do a few things I used to do, every once in a while.  I got myself freaked out a bit about my hip "popping out" since it already happened once (violent shaking) 30 minutes out of surgery, and I was still under anestisia.   So, they re-did it again with the next step up in durability. 
Thanks, I'm really glad to hear you are biking and doing well, awesome!   It's an inspiration and great to read and know from you. 

Can I ask why type/brand hip replacement you had?

Did you research different types, full vs. partial/hybrid. vs. resurfacing?

Anything similar to what I have?


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Re: Sport Activity Abilities after (X3 Technology) Hip replacement ???
« Reply #3 on: November 08, 2008, 02:48:48 PM »
Hey Decooney,

Yeah, I read your story. I can't imagine having a slipped cup right off the bat, but at least they got it right away. I do know about 2nd surgeries since I had an infection right under the incision 5 weeks out (not due to surgery). You're going to be fine.

I had a BHR on my right hip. I did a lot of research and also traded  emails with Scot Tinley (ex pro triathlete) and a friend of mine (an anesthesiologist) who is an avid mountain climber. My friend is 6 months out and is doing some killer climbs.

I chose Dr Rogerson in Madison, Wi because I really liked him and his rehab model.

What you may want to do, is email Dr Bose and/or DeSmet to get their professional opinion about your hardware. You can even send them an xray  via email. They'll give you some good info for free.

Feel free to email me at magoo451@msn.com

take care,




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