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My first 7 days
« on: November 10, 2008, 02:18:48 PM »
Aloha, I just got my hip resurfaced Monday, 7 days ago.  I guess I didn't know 100% of what to expect, but I did have some ideas, wish I found this website before I went in instead of after, but am very glad I found this site, its wonderful.  I am writing this to let you all know what experiences I had in my first 7 days, and perhaps others can relate or if going for yours, know somewhat what to expect.

Day of surgery went well, woke up in room around 3pm pretty out of it for the 1st hour.  Hospital took great care of me, my doctor checked in on me before his day was over.
The next day the hospitals PT got me on my crutches, did the stairs.  I was given the thumbs up to be released to my home, which is where I wanted to go.  That afternoon I got home and being single, thought that this might be a mistake.  I find it funny now, but my first bad experience at home came to me when I fell asleep on my bed and woke up having to urinate, I barely made it out of bed(no pain pill since before noon at the hospital) but I did make it and that scare got me to take a pain pill and found that I better take them every 4-6 hours if I was awake just to get out of the bed.  The pain of the hip didn't hurt, just the trama of surgery.
By the next morning, Weds, I decieded to stop taking the pain pills so for I don't like the feeling of them, and went to tylenol or advil or asprine for my choices along with tumeric as an anti-inflamation pain herb.  By Thursday I was feeling well enough to go shopping at the grocery store with the aid of a friend.  Oups, maybe too fast, around 40 minutes of pushing a shopping cart and getting in and out of a F-150 truck, cooking for myself, and then taking out the trash down a steep driveway for trash nite...swelling above what I had so I went to elevate.  By midnite, was in discomfort from overdoing it, but woke up in the morning feeling better.  I did rest all day Friday and into Saturday I was feeling so good that I by sunset I called over some friends and cooked a "Thank you for helping me meal".  Oups, overdid it again.  Before bed I was again swelled up and sore deep down on my quad, like a bone bruise.  Sunday I rested, TGI Football and nascar and this website.  I learned so much from reading others stories.  This morning, a week after my surgery, I am feeling great, I have not yet been to my PT but that is coming up Thursday along with my first follow up visit to my Doctor.  I do know my body, and try to do the little things that I should be doing like starting from my ankles and trying to work up to my leg, lying down or standing.  I am keeping an eye on my diet, eating good will also keep you healing, and resting when my body tells me too.

I am thankful that on my island here in Hawaii has a doctor who does Birmingham, for I am on the outer island of Kauai.  I should also mention that I am a very active 43 year old male.  My hip is due to Osteoarthritis from a fall off a motorcycle into a tree on a steep hill 6 years ago, the pains came back to me 3 years later, in the last 2 years after tryiing deep tissue massage then ROLF(structial intergration) I knew I should simply get this done right, so I can live my very active lifestyle.  Everybody I talked to who got this or the total hip was simply "why didn't I get this done earlier" thus I will not live in my pain anymore and will take my road to recovery. 

I do have some questions, the main one is that deep pain that is in my leg under the swelling, light massage seems to help, but did anyone else get that one? 

I look forward to posting my story and updates as I go thru them.
Mahalo(thank you) and Aloha,
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Re: My first 7 days
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2008, 02:45:45 PM »
Hi Eric

Congratulations on the new hip.  You are an official Surface Hippy.

I always tell people that most people can get along pretty well after surgery without much help. I guess you proved that.  I think you were a bit "too active" and paid the swelling price for that.  It is usually best to stay conservative for the first week or so to keep the swelling down.

I am glad you found your way here and look forward to hearing more of your story as you progress.  Remember - take it easy, you will have plenty of time to get really active in 4 to 6 months.  Let your body heal.  When you push too hard, you are really irratating all the muscles, etc that were involved in the surgery. You can't will them to heal - you must give them time.  They have their own timetable - don't push it.  You are not really healed until about a full year.  You are quite able to be pretty normal at 6 months, but your body is still healing.

Take it easy on your poor body.  Be patient and look forward to the great times you will have without pain in the future.

Good Luck.

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Re: My first 7 days
« Reply #2 on: November 12, 2008, 03:01:05 AM »
Hey Eric, First off congratulations and I hope your recovery goes well.  I had lots of pain in my upper thigh and on the side under the incision for about 4 1/2-5 weeks. I think I had pain for that length of time because of trying too much too soon.  I was starting to feel strong at about 4 weeks and walked (with a cane) about a mile and a half two days in a row and then it seemed like I almost erased all the progress I had made up to that point.  I am at 7 weeks today and feeling stronger everyday but I learned the hard way to make little steps, not big leaps. Everyone heals at a different rate, and the fact that you were able to write that long a post at 1 week seems pretty good to me (or your a very fast typer ;D)  Take it easy and Good Luck !! , Bill 8)


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Re: My first 7 days
« Reply #3 on: November 14, 2008, 10:26:12 PM »
Hi, Eric,

I am about 6 weeks post op for a right BHR. I also recovered quickly and pushed the limits early on. The deep pain seems to come and go for me as the muscles heal and everything settles in, less often and less noticeable with time. I also just found out that a little bout with the flu will really settle the aches into the surgery area - pretty scary, gets your mind to dwelling on serious problems! But, it passes.

Give it time, get plenty of rest and enjoy the freedom! One evening you'll suddenly realize you went all day without thinking about your hip!



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