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Return to the Sports You love after hip resurfacing

What Will You Do After Your Hip Resurfacing?

Eric's Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Kusuma 2010
Eric Returns to Climbing After His Hip Resurfacing
David Roya's hip resurfacing with Dr. Su in 2012
David Roya Returns to Taekwondo After His Hip Resurfacing
Max's Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Pritchett 2015
Max Returns to Hicking After Hip Resurfacing
Fabian Cuenca – Kickboxing Champion Bilateral Adept Finsbury 11/28/08 & 10/17/09
Fabian Cuenca Returns to Kickboxing After His Hip Resurfacing
Wayne Morris Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Rogerson 2016
Wayne Morris /Returns to Biking After His Hip Resurfacing
Petes Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Engh in 2008
Pete Returns to Power Sports After His Hip Resurfacing

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