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Author Topic: still have limp 8 weeks post BHR has anyone else experienced the same  (Read 3418 times)

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Hi, I am bit concerned hope some one can help with their own experience. Had BHR 8 weeks ago saw surgeon 6 weeks after post op follow up seemed surprised I was not walking normal and still using one crutch. 2 weeks on still the same my physio gave me some exercises and to see him in 3 weeks feel something is not right and i should have been doing more by now and walking normal very frustrating.

John C

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I know that 8 weeks seems like a long time, but in the healing process after major surgery, it is very early in the game. If you are having unusual pain, it is always a good idea to check with your surgeon, but if it is just a case of having a limp because things are healing and not yet at full strength or range of motion, that would be in the normal range of experience. I was still on and off crutches at six weeks. At 8 weeks it is time to be consciously working on your gait all the time, and getting rid of any residual limp from your hip issues prior to surgery. I know that for myself, it was like learning to walk all over again. Work with a good physio, and be religious about doing your exercises. The healing process takes longer than most people realize, and it is a good 18 months before you are nearing your final recovery state. As people say on here so often, rehabbing from this surgery is a marathon, not a sprint. I was a slow healer at first, and now I am back to being actively involved in high intensity sports six to eight hours a day. Be patient, do your rehab, and check with your doctor whenever you think something is seriously wrong, in order to give yourself piece of mind.
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I could still hardly walk at 8 weeks after my first bhr buddy.
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Thanks guys really appreciate your comments. I'm booked in to see my surgeon tomorrow for peace of mind.


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Hmm, I probably still had a slight limp at 8 weeks. I ditched the crutch at 6 weeks but was still slightly awkward. Always good to check with the doc though. Let us know.
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After years of limping pre-HR, my surgeon and physio said the emphasis was (as John has indicated) to learn to walk properly/perfectly again and retrain brain/muscles to undo the bad habits, taking thousands of steps with full concentration, muscles firing in correct sequence etc.I'm stressing here the importance of not walking unaided with even the slightest limp. This meant staying with the stick until this was achieved-trying at various times without the stick but returning to it at the first sign of a limp. It took 7 and half weeks to walk perfectly again-so be patient and ensure to redevelop a perfect gait and walking action.
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I don't think you need worry. It's all, in my opinion, a matter of gradually building up the muscles and relearning.

I am 13 weeks post op today. No sign of a limp when walking, but still have start up stiffness/limp.

On holiday in France now, and since arriving Friday night we have walked for a couple of hours round town, cycled 5-6 miles each day, swam (actually mostly climbing the stairs to the slides) for an hour or two each day. Yesterday we also climbed the 300 steps of Phare La Coubre near where we are, then I practised golf - pitching, chipping, full swing x 1 basket. This morning I rose at 6am, warmed up with half a basket ... And played 18 holes, carried my bag all the way, concentrating on walking with butt muscles firing. 12 over par at Golf du Royan, my first 18 since pre op, felt great. Hitting the ball further than pre op now.

Why tell you all this? Well, my butt is tired. And I have a limp now. Tomorrow will be rest, swimming in the lazy river! Then I reckon I will be back stronger on Thursday, limp free.

This to me is the evidence that it is all about re-building strength, doing the exercises diligently, making and taking the time to heal well.

I really hope your surgeon says all ok, just be patient and continue the physio. I'd wager he will.

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Re: still have limp 8 weeks post BHR has anyone else experienced the same
« Reply #7 on: August 03, 2015, 07:08:31 AM »
As I expected I was limp free and ready to go again on Thursday last.

Hopefully your limp is also settling down, another week has nearly passed already and in the early stages a week is a lot.
28 April 2015, RBHR Mr McMinn


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