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Title: LHRS. Dr. Gross 2 weeks
Post by: luz2014 on January 20, 2014, 10:20:22 PM
I'm a 51 year old female who has been super active and fit since my teen years.  I have played tennis, but had to give it up, moved on to road cycling and finally had to give that up this past summer.  The only thing I could still do with minor pain was ballroom dancing and some yoga. I was diagnosed with LHOA around 4 years ago and the only option I was always given was THR. Of course I stayed in denial and tried to help myself with PT, yoga, etc. finally this summer, I couldn't even walk from the pain.  Thankfully, an orthopedic surgeon (not a hip specialist) I know personally, told me about the BHRS surgery option. Then I found this sight...

I am now 14 days post-op RHRS with Dr. Gross and here's what I learned:
Dr. Gross and his staff are absolutely everything previous hippies said and more. Top notch in every way.  Lee Web, the PA was amazing. Professional yet personable and caring. I just can't say enough.
Surgery was the absolute easiest part.  I was given a spinal block and some sleeping aid so when I woke up, I felt crisp and chipper.  In minutes I was hooked up to my ice machine, IV, etc. that night I didn't get much sleep.  I kept waking up super thirsty.   The nursing staff was outstanding.  The next day after PT and OT sessions I went home. Important to note that because I was able to bear 100 weight going up and down the stairs was not difficult (that was one of my main worries as I live in a two story), thankfully, I was able to sleep in my bed.
Days 2-8 are the most difficult. No sugar coating it.  Pain Meds made me sick so day 3 I switched to Tylenol x-tra strength. Worked we'll enough for me. The first 5 days my leg was a "dead log" (perfect description borrowed from another hippy) pay close attention to OT's instructions on keeping that leg straight any time you sit or get up from recliner, bed, etc. so you don't break 90% angle as well as avoid pain.  I used foot lifter but a towel under your straight leg as you pull "log"up to bed or recliner will do.  I felt very frustrated at how slow I was at everything but overcame that by day 5. Have grabber with you at all times and if you live alone, get sock device (very helpful).
Polar Ice machine was the 3rd best decision 2nd was choosing Dr. Gross 1st getting this surgery.  I cannot emphasize enough the healing power of this icing method.  I have been and am faithfully icing one hour on one off (none throughout night).  I  credit this with the minor swelling that i have experienced in my leg.  I wore leggings on day 12 and my friends were able to compare my two legs and cannot believe I just had this surgery done two weeks ago.  I know everyone is different but in my case I wouldn't have done this well without it.  Furthermore, I know it helped with the pain since I could not tolerate the narcotics. At night I have as many pillows as possible because on day 4, I desperately want to create even the slightest variations for my leg position to help me sleep better. I specifically liked rolling one pillow and placing it under my knee. And placing another pillow in between my legs this way I could tip leg slightly either way.  Another variation is building like a little "pillow fortress" around my operated leg strong enough to take turns resting leg towards each way throughout the night. Maybe I'm just fooling myself but that little bit of variety gave me enough relief to sleep an extra hour or two any time the "dead log" frustrating position wakes me up.  Last night I thought I might venture into sleeping on the good side ever so slowly I rolled about 2 cm. we'll,  I'm just hoping none of my neighbors heard my agonizing roar.  I won't be trying that again any time soon. Finally for night time sleeping I found the "husband" pillow, which helps you sleep upright was super-helpful because as I alternate and sometimes sleep upright, it gives my log I mean leg :) yet another position option.
Between days 9 and 10 is when I experienced noticeable improvement.  I started walking my street circle 1.5 miles with my crutches (2x since yesterday).  I ice right before and after walks.  I am not pushing myself any more than what I have been advised.  Feeling great and although I miss road cycling, heavy cardio, yoga(especially), you won't see this hippy rushing anything. Not sure what is ahead but right now I feel amazingly blessed to be recovering and pain free.  Thanks to Pat for encouraging me to seek out what is right for me and not what the THR specialists were telling me I needed to do.  This web site is a mission field! The wealth of information and the encouragement of other hippies cannot be overstated.  Finally, i will say that having a strong upper body and a strong good leg helped me tremendously during the first difficult days.

Note:if you can afford a recliner don't hesitate.  It will help your comfort level enormously. 
Title: Re: LHRS. Dr. Gross 2 weeks
Post by: einreb on January 21, 2014, 02:35:06 AM
Sounds all so very familiar and yet it was almost 3 years ago that I had my surgery with Dr Gross.

There will be bumps in the road, but you have a lot to look forward to... :)

Title: Re: LHRS. Dr. Gross 2 weeks
Post by: Miguelito on January 21, 2014, 01:12:41 PM

I am glad you are getting through it! You sound like you have the perfect attitude.

Reading your post I am reminded that my second hip with Dr. Gross is fast approaching. Gulp!

Wishing you continued good health in your recovery,

Title: Re: LHRS. Dr. Gross 2 weeks
Post by: Juno on January 21, 2014, 03:04:52 PM
sounds like all is going well Luz! Great news!

Mike -- you will do great. I swear the second time around was easier (for me at least). I'm seeing vast improvments.
Title: Re: LHRS. Dr. Gross 2 weeks
Post by: Munch on January 26, 2014, 09:36:07 PM
Thanks for the update, luz, and glad you're doing well!  I am 6 1/2 weeks post op with Dr Gross and back to swimming a lot and almost rid of the limp when walking, so it really gets better fast (but a long way to go!).   My 6 week post op appointment went fine- x rays normal, etc.  Juno, I trust you had the same experience??
Title: Re: LHRS. Dr. Gross 2 weeks
Post by: hernanu on January 26, 2014, 11:27:43 PM
Nice update Luz, keep it up..

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