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Hip Resurfacing Topics / Re: Highest Pain Levels
« Last post by jimbone on Yesterday at 11:04:24 PM »

As mentioned in an update posted last night, after breaking a fever pain levels began dropping rapidly.  Currently both pain and body temperatures are normalized and stable w/ pain around  3-5 which is both manageable, to be expected and pretty much what they were with the first hip 3rd day after surgery.  I'd monitored the dressing and incision but there was never any indication of infection, redness or excessive warmth so I think I am heading back in the right direction.  I've forward current conditions to the doctors office and don't expect to have to see them before my 2 week check up.  Your maritime metaphor is apt and I remember hearing it expressed that smooth seas don't make good sailors, so my 12 hour character building episode must have served its purpose.  Thanks for the response.
Hip Resurfacing Topics / Re: Highest Pain Levels
« Last post by karlos.bell on Yesterday at 07:52:59 PM »
Hi. 2 hips done at the same time.
It was hard work as the pain was to do with muscular mostly bursitis.
Could be what you are experiencing.

Good luck. Cheers K
Hip Resurfacing Topics / Re: Highest Pain Levels
« Last post by MattJersey on Yesterday at 06:14:42 AM »
Don't know if antibiotics are in your daily schedule but if you're running fever it may be worth someone looking at your wound. If it is hot, red etc then possible infection - nothing to worry about I suspect and antibiotics work fast, but that could influence your pain experience.

On balance I suspect it is just a matter of chance, occasionally things aren't all smooth sailing but you'll still get over the sea to the other side.

Get well soon.
Hip Resurfacing Topics / Re: Highest Pain Levels
« Last post by jimbone on Yesterday at 05:40:24 AM »
Hi Guys,

Thanks for getting back.  Truly wasn't soliciting sympathy with the post but needed perspective.  The first op went so well and pain levels were manageable this time had me concerned.  The Good News Update-  By 8 PM tonight when I took the prescribed full 2X day med dosage of 2 Tylenol, 1 aspirin, 1 Ibeprofun and 1 Oxy [2 if needed] things started to turn the corner.  Around 9 PM when the meds had done their job I could definitely see a difference and pain started dropping off. At this point it's somewhere around 4.5-5.5 which is viable [touch wood].  The other thing going on was I was running a fever all day and it had got up to 102.5- not good.  After the late afternoon blanketed nap in the recliner and the evening meds it seems like the fever broke and with it some of the pain.  Also with the pain drop and all the icing there has been a very small increase in ROM on the new hip. 

That's one of the things I learned the first time through- the gains were really incremental but they were there, I could see the improvements, chart them and know healing was going forward.  That's still true- this experience will likely be different but the gradual nature of the recovery I expect will remain the same.  Plan to monitor the fever as it moves down, stay on track with the 1 Oxy every 3 hours for another day and then see if 1 Tramadol every 3 hours will be enough.  Narcotics get old quick for me.  Play the cards I'm dealt but hope to be doing outside walks with one crutch by this time next week at the latest.  Just no more mornings like today and I'm good.  Thanks again- will update this in a few.
Hip Resurfacing Topics / Re: Highest Pain Levels
« Last post by avilax777 on Yesterday at 03:58:33 AM »
Jim I am so sorry to hear my friend you have such a good spirit I am sure you will manage this. 

Hip Resurfacing Topics / Re: Highest Pain Levels
« Last post by Saddlepal3 on Yesterday at 03:31:18 AM »
Hi Jimbone,
Sorry to hear that you are having such a rough time. As it turns out, I had my resurfacing revision on the same day as you. Same location, same doctor. I am definitely feeling pain  (up to level 5) on Day 2 post op (today), but not as bad as your situation. Back in 2006, when I had my first resurfacing, I was totally miserable for days: stayed in the hospital for 5 nights, relied on Percoset and couldnít handle hospital PT. I finally got a transfusion which turned things around. So it seems that every procedure is diffferent. Take care of yourself and try to take one day at a time. Are you still in Seattle post-op? Where are you staying? Sending good thoughts your way, and also hoping Iíll start feeling better in the next day or two.
Hip Resurfacing Topics / Re: Highest Pain Levels
« Last post by blinky on Yesterday at 12:35:35 AM »
I had two hips done in three days and my pain level was very low, 2 or 3. My biggest issue was lack of control over the legs, not pain. I took what they gave me in the hospital, accepting an extra pill before PT just in case, then refusing it after my BP was so low I was in danger of fainting.That extra pill wasn't necessary.  I took the narcotics for three days after I got home, until the constipation outweighed my fear of pain. My narcotic was Nuycenta (sp) and I took it with Tylenol and Mobic at first.

The hips did not feel the same. Right hip was stronger but more sensitive. Right hip swelled more. The differences were subtle, but I felt them. Even now they feel a little different, with right hip feeling a little weaker and stiffer.

Thoughts about the difference: are you heavier or thinner? less fit? was this hip worse? (more reaming necessary? any bone grafting needed?) same doctor? same hospital? were you in the hospital longer for the first one? did the hospital make any changes in pain control protocol? any changes in your life, like new stresses over work or money or children?

That's all I got.
Hip Resurfacing Topics / Highest Pain Levels
« Last post by jimbone on September 20, 2018, 08:07:33 PM »
I had the left hip resurfaced 7/16/18 and have experienced a very smooth if incomplete recovery which at 8 weeks left me walking unaided and without pain in that hip.  Still a lot of strength and ROM to get back but it's moving in the right direction.  The biggest setback I've had is the OA pain in my right hip that has been restricting my ability to walk/exercise to recover the left operated hip.  I had the second procedure on the right arthritic hip this past Tues. 9/18/18 and it is a very different experience.  First hip under control in one week with pain levels never really exceeding a 3-4 and not needing anything much stronger than a 50 mg Tramadol every 4 hours.  After the first 3 days I knew progress and healing were in motion.  This second hip is different.  From the hospital I registered more pain and less ROM.  Yesterday, my 1st 24 hours home,pain levels were consistently 6-7 and I needed 2, 5 mg Oxycodone every 3 hours for any hope of pain management.  This mornings wake up a 6:30 AM pain levels in the 8-9 range- very trying.  Prescribed AM dose is 1000 mg Tylenol, 325 aspirin, 200 mg Ibeprofun and 1-2, 5 mg Oxycodone as needed- I took 2, wrapped the leg in ice packs and by 8 AM pain was in control as long as I wasn't on it or the meds hadn't worn off.  9:30 needed 2 more Oxy. 5mg.  Pain controlled.  Iced and elevated with 1 5mg Oxy at 12:30 to see if a lower dose will do.  Sorry for the long explanation but want the picture clear.

My question is: what were the highest pain levels you needed to manage after your hip resurfacing, either the one hip or with the second?  And by correlation maybe your pain management dosages.

Hoping this is just an early passing phase- anomalous that's just part of the process.  Incision shows no redness, heat, infection or leakage and my body temp is 99.5.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and appreciate any response/insight you can offr.
Hip Resurfacing Topics / Re: Prescriptions Pre surgery
« Last post by tohandley on September 18, 2018, 07:51:34 PM »
Thank you.

I have a call into the doctor.  I too looked up FABB and one thing that came up is prenatal vitamins.

I'm pretty sure that doesn't apply in my case :) !
Hip Resurfacing Topics / Re: Prescriptions Pre surgery
« Last post by blinky on September 18, 2018, 02:22:57 AM »
I googled them. Ferrocite is iron. FaBB looks likes contains vitamin B and folic acid.

I did take iron pre op to get my iron levels up high so that I could have good levels post op and avoid the need for a transfusion. Not my favorite pill since it was so constipating.

Some people were advised to take Vit D and/or calcium if their levels tested low or bone density wasn't good. It is possible patients were told to take other vitamins pre op if they had nutritional deficiencies. I recall a blood test pre op that was designed to check for vitamin deficiencies.

Ask your doctor why he called these in. Is it routine or do you need them?
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