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Hip Resurfacing or MOM THR
« on: March 07, 2009, 08:54:17 PM »
I writed to Dr Koen De Smet the e mail below.
I want to know your thoughts..
I am scheduled on 5th May on Dr Smet..

(I read a lot about hip resurfacing. I understand the advantages. It is better than THR.

BUT my local surgeon here said to me:
"If I were you I wouldn't done hip resurfacing to me. MOM THR is better option for you.

MOM THR would last more than 20 or 30  years I estimate.

There are many complications on hip resurfacing such as neck fracture or  avascular necrosis..

If you resurfaced your hip it is MANDATORY to have a second revision surgery one more time in your life..

If you get MOM THR, complications are not much like resurfacing and more than 30 years is a very good option."

I am just a simple man. I don't want to make  a wrong decision. what I know is what I read.  He said to me He has been a doctor for maybe 37 years. Even he doesn't know some things about orthopedy.

I decided opposite of his saying. He is a professor and I am as simple man who read and learned something from the net. Everyone here is against resurfacing except me..if something would go wrong, they will all blame me. they will say: "We warned you. didn't we?"

I want to hear some good things from my surgeon about hip resurfacing..I need some boost maybe..I know you are very busy..sorry I am alittle anxious about my decision...)

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Re: Hip Resurfacing or MOM THR
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2009, 09:38:41 PM »

First, having thoughts about making a mistake are normal.

Second - Dr. De Smet is one the best hip surgeons in the whole world, not just the US, but world.  He often attends courses and meetings in the US to help train surgeons here.

I will have my 3 year anniversary for my BHR hip resurfacing with Dr. De Smet on March 15 of this year.  I know what I am talking about.  I have also ran this website for 3 years and started researching hip resurfacing prior to that.

Hip resurfacing is absolutely as good as any THR when done by an experinced surgeon.  It will last as long and actually load your hip in a more natural way than a THR. I have medical studies about Gait posted proving that.  It is bone conserving so you don't have to have a large portion of your femur bone sawed off.  You will keep your femur so years from now if you should need a revision, it will be easier.

Dr. De Smet would never give a person a hip resurfacing if they were not a good candidate. I actually know of several times he was doing a THR and ended up changing to a resurfacing.  He has done way over 3000 resurfacings and is a master of the surgery.  He would never chance a problem resurfacing.  He has an exellent record and does not want it blemished.

You are in 2 of the best hands in the world - trust his decision for you.  THere are many on this board and around the world that have resurfacings by Dr. De Smet. You can read plenty of stories here.

Don't let some US doctor that is not very experinced in hip resurfacing give you negative thoughts.  They don't have the expeirnce or knowledge to give you that negative and wrong info.  Many of the US doctors love to do that and I think it is immoral and incorrect on their part.  I have hear terrible stories about what US doctors have told people about hip resurfacing.

I had paid one Ohio surgeon $200 for a consultation before my resurfacing and he had the gall to lecture me for 1/2 an hour about how wrong my decision was.  I had to pay to llisten to his ignorance.

I know MOM THRs are a good solution, but if you are a resurfacing candidate, don't let some doctor that probably can't even do a resurfacing change your mind.  He doesn't have to live with his femur bone cut off. 

You also need to realize that MOM THRs are as new as resurfacing.  That is how they got started.  The cap and cup of a MOM is the same as a resurfacing - it is only the stem of the cap that is long and driven into the cut off femur bone.

I hope others will jump in here and help put your mind at ease.

I never looked back and never regreted my decision in the last 3 years.  I know people that have had their resurfacings over 16 years, posted on my hip stories, and have not regretted their decision or required a revision.  THRs also have a high revision rate - it depends on what medical studies you want to prove your points with.

Good Luck.  Do what is in your heart - but be sure to talk to Dr. De Smet about it and listen to him.  He can give you either, but will certainly try to give you a resurfacing.

3/15/06 LBHR De Smet
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3/15/06 LBHR De Smet


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Re: Hip Resurfacing or MOM THR
« Reply #2 on: March 07, 2009, 11:34:57 PM »
ozcanvarli ...

unfortunately..there are surgeons who haven't learned HOW to do resurfacings yet...and instead of being "true" to the well being of their patients...they turn around and scare them...why?  Because of $$$$$$$$.... plain and simple.

Surgeons like De Smet or McMinn are the grandfathers of hip resurfacings (not that they are old)....THEY have the longest running experience (YEARS) and surgery count.

They've seen it all...they know how to put the femur cap on at the correct angle..they know if a candidate should have resurfacing or a THR based on their femur head and bone health.

You have nothing to worry about....

PS: "IF" (and I say "if") a resurfacing ever failed, a person could easily be converted to a LARGE MOM THR....but if a THR fails....a revision is ugly, bone held together with mesh wire, extreme limitations on lifestyle activities, etc...

With a resurfacing, after you are healed thoroughly, you go back to whatever you want to do in life...because all your bone is there and locked into the device...

Its just logic:
If your car needs oil do you:
A) add oil (Resurfacing) or
B) rip out the engine and replace with a new engine (THR)

hmmmm  ;)

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