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Lisa M.

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7 weeks post opp. I think I need a pep talk
« on: November 16, 2009, 02:30:26 AM »
Hi there, Thursday I went for  my six week post op exam with my surgeon although it is really seven weeks.  My Surgeon is very experienced but a Man of  very few words. He told me that my ex-ray's looked good, but he also said that he has not had any problems with resurfacing in Men, but it seems that woman have more problems with the metal ion issue.  He said that he hoped I would not have any reaction to the metals in the next couple of years and if I did not then I should be good. Before I had my resurfacing surgery I did all of my homework and I was aware of all of the risks and the benefits. Now that I have had my surgery the woman that encouraged me to go for the surgery ( my Mother in Law) is facing a revision to a THR. I also know of two other woman that are looking at the same thing. My Mother in laws surgery was difficult and she knew from the beginning that the left hip did not go as well as her right hip and she is dealing with high metal ions on one side. I am not trying to be negative, I feel great and I am going to assume that I will continue to feel great. I guess My surgeons comments have left me a little down in the dumps. I asked if it was properly positioned and he said yes, it was perfect but that in woman the small size of the component causes  more friction on a small surface and that can cause a higher release of ions. I hope I got that right. I guess what I am looking for is to hear that there are woman out there that have had sucessful resurfacing surgeries and that they have not had these problems. I want to be happy with my new hip and I want to shake of this feeling I have gotten since all of this has happened. I know that this is the place to come for the expert opinions. Thanks for your time. -Lisa
-Lisa M.
LBHR 9/22/2009-Dr.Pritchett-Seattle

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Re: 7 weeks post opp. I think I need a pep talk
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2009, 07:30:41 AM »

There are a lot of small women with sucessful resurfacing surgeries.  Dr. Bose of India does hundreds of them and has not had revisions.  He is one of the best in the world and knows how to place the components exactly right for small women. 

A lot of problems with high metal ions also come for misplaced acetabular cups. 

Let's hope your surgeon was experinced and knew how to place your cup.  That is the main reason for high metal ions.

I would keep a postive attitude and convert all the worry to positive energy to help your body heal quickly.  No point worrying about it now.  All is done and you are ready to move on.  Most of the problems don't show up for a few years.  So no reason to sit and worry for the next few years.  It will just turn your hair gray!

Be glad you are on your way to recovery and stop worry about the negative.  The revision rates are still only around 4%  so that means 96 people out of 100 will not have any problems.  In my mind, those are pretty good stats.

Good Luck.

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Re: 7 weeks post opp. I think I need a pep talk
« Reply #2 on: November 16, 2009, 03:32:23 PM »
Hi Lisa,

With all surgery comes a risk, we must be prepared for the possibility of a complication.

It is all about the surgeon, get a good surgeon and you will maximise the result, small women can have just as good an outcome as anyone. When I received my bhr there was a women on the same floor as me who was super tiny and she is doing fine nine months on.

I think we all go through doubts and concerns but i'm sure you will be fine, so put your worry beads away and enjoy your new hip.

Best wishes


LBHR 23/01/2009 Mr Mcminn

Lisa M.

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Re: 7 weeks post opp. I think I need a pep talk
« Reply #3 on: November 16, 2009, 08:38:40 PM »
Thank you Pat and Terry.
 Your posts were just what I needed. I believe that I picked a great surgeon. Dr. Pritchett of Seattle. Dr. Pritchett has done over 1500 resurfacing surgeries and that seems to be his main focus. Pat your remark about Dr. Bose of India doing many many resurfacing surgeries on very small woman without complications was very reassuring. I am not super tiny anyway. I am average size. I think that my componants  were a 42 and 44 or would it be 42 and 46. Not sure where this fits in the size range.
I have been so excited to have had the opportunity to do a resurfacing instead of a thr at this stage of my life. I know that there are risks in everything and I am prepared for that possibility but right now I feel great. I have no pain at all and I am excited to get on with my life. I appreciate you both snapping me out of it.   Looking at my ex-rays they looked just about perfect ( to my untrained eye) and that is what I am going to focus on how good I feel. You are all great and thanks for responding. ;D
-Lisa M.
LBHR 9/22/2009-Dr.Pritchett-Seattle


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