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Author Topic: Going for LHR with Dr. Su next week, pain in R hip also..  (Read 1014 times)

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Going for LHR with Dr. Su next week, pain in R hip also..
« on: January 03, 2010, 06:16:10 PM »
I am having my left hip resurfaced by Dr. Su next week.  I am 35 years old, considered a little young to have this surgery according to Dr. Su.  I have had left hip pain since an injury about 4 years ago now, and have had 2 arthroscopies to try to fix the labral tears.  No such luck, now my hip is very arthritic, and I'm ready for my resurfacing.  However, since I've been compensating by standing on my right leg for so long, I now have pretty significant right hip and knee pain.  Has anyone had an experience with this, and was it remedied by simply fixing the bad hip or was there more than that?  I am afraid I will have to go through this whole ordeal again with the right hip after my left one is fixed.  I am happy to hear all the good reports about Dr. Su, he seems like a very caring and skilled surgeon. 


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Re: Going for LHR with Dr. Su next week, pain in R hip also..
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2010, 08:36:55 PM »
Hi Jennifer,

An x-ray of your right hip will indicate if you have severe osteoarthritis and need a hip resurfacing on that side.  My right hip still has cartilage and I don't need surgery on that side.
Dr. Su resurfaced my left hip about 15 months ago.  I suggest you review your x-rays with Dr. Su and discuss the pain you are having on the right side.
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Re: Going for LHR with Dr. Su next week, pain in R hip also..
« Reply #2 on: January 07, 2010, 12:53:10 PM »
Hi Jennifer,

I recognized your anxiety...........I had the same.
But the X-ray showed the left side was ok, so the doc said it came because it was overloading.


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Re: Going for LHR with Dr. Su next week, pain in R hip also..
« Reply #3 on: January 11, 2010, 02:49:36 AM »
Hey Jennifer,
I had the same thing going on, right side compensating for my bad left hip as I shuffled down the sidewalk.  Dr. Su resurfaced my left hip 10 days ago, and from about the second or third day when I stopped the pain medication, my right side has not been compensating for the left and feels great.  One of my PT's at the HSS, Liz, caught me trying to use the right side to drag the left side along, and was quick to correct me and teach/prove to me that I could walk straight up and normally without a much of a limp at all.  That was immediately after the surgery.  Day 10 today, I am whipping around the house alternating between 1 & 2 cruches, and putting a few minutes on the treadmill as well.  No pain in the new hip or non-operated hip & knee anymore. I am extremely happy with Dr. Su and his staff, you could not ask for better.
Best of luck,
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