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I feel like I am just waiting for something bad to happen after my Cormet resurfacing. I am a 38 year old small framed female living in Canada.  Due to a severe car accident 18 years ago, the 2 screws were not longer helping and only increasing my pain in my right hip. My options that were given to me were a Ceramic-Ceramic or Resurfacing.  I dug in did my research and decided to go with the Stryker Cormet Hip resurfacing because that is what my surgeon had experience with.  My doctor is a very skilled surgeon locally, takes on all the challenging patents and has a special interest in the pelvic/acetabular areas, but has said he has only done about 25 resurfacings.  I still feel good about going forward because in Canada do not have huge choices and I felt really comfortable with the detailed attention from by doctor, he really made the efforts with me and I know he did the best job he was capable of, so I am praying that it was good enough.  No going back surgery is DONE.
I am 3 weeks post op and all seems to be doing well, and recovery is on schedule in comparison to other hippy patents on this site.  I am down to one crutch and have minimal pain, just a bit of knee and ankle aces/circulation issues and healing pain in the hip area.  The bad news ….. is I am terrified that I am just a ticking time bomb for something to go wrong because of my steep acetabular inclination, small component size and all the risks with women and metal ions and wear particles. He had no choice but to use small ball component due to my anatomy. I am moving to Sweden in a few weeks and Sweden has stopped doing resurfacings altogether.  I will continue follow-up with my Canadian surgeon but will seek out someone in Sweden to meet with.

How should I watch out for potential problems?
My doctor has given me internal rotation restrictions and the normal 90 degree restrictions.  He wants me to be very cautious, his big concern is dislocation. Any encouraging words are welcome.  As I said I am terrified so any good cormet or small framed women stories are welcome.


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Re: small framed women...waiting for something bad...cormet resurfacing
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2010, 02:46:20 PM »
Hi from one "Small Woman" to another.
Though my story is different from you I do understand the anxiety as this is a procedure that primarily works better on big boned men!  That said, I am a 48 year old, 62" female who did not want bilat hipreplacements at this age and, as my surgeon said regarding attempting a resurfacing: "it's a no brainer."  I am now 5 weeks past my second hip resurfacing.
My surgeon was very clear and forceful regarding what he wanted from his post op patients: no leg strengthening exercises/running/ till ONE full year after surgery.  He said that up to that point there will be an increased risk of fx.  At my bedside at the hospital he had just found out that one of his partners resurfacing male patients had just fx femur 6 months out.  He told that story with a little too much relish if you ask me!  He promised that if I gave him one year my hips would be better and stronger than before.  I am an inpatient person who is desperate to get back to the gym after all these years of working out with such pain, but I am going to hear and obey.  I am going to walk and go to the pool (uuughh) and be a good patient.  So I guess I would practice telling yourself when you get those terrifying thoughts : "This in not real.  I am doing all the right post operative things.  I am healing."  Don't let those thoughts become real or overpowering. 
I know there are many Doc's NOT as conservative post-operatively, but as a small boned female I am going to err on the side of caution.....for one year.
Good Luck!   Ann

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Re: small framed women...waiting for something bad...cormet resurfacing
« Reply #2 on: October 21, 2010, 08:12:51 PM »
I would not waste my time waiting for something bad to happen. The Cormet is FDA approved and used the world over.  It is not one of the devices that have been recalled.  It is important with all devices that the surgeon placed the acetabular component properly. Untill you have problems, I would not worry.  Dr. Bose of India has done hundreds of small women with the recalled ASR and does not have problems.  Again, it is more the skill of the surgeon in most cases than just the device.  Some will disagree with me, but there are surgeons that have few problems while others have many.  The expeirnce factor seems to be a determining force in a good resurfacing.  Some people just have an allergic reaction to the metal, but those are also few.

I would spend my time planninng next summer and how you are going to enjoy your new hip.  Don't let the bad press take over and casue you to be afraid and worry.  Think positively.

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Re: small framed women...waiting for something bad...cormet resurfacing
« Reply #3 on: October 22, 2010, 03:31:13 AM »
Hi Crash,
 I know what you are going through, to some degree. I am also a small framed female (45 yrs, 5'2", 117lbs) and I worry all the time. I am 5 1/2 months out of my HR now, and most days I feel awesome! But every now and again I'll have a day where my leg aches a little, or feels stiff, and immediately I think "Oh great, it's failing! This, of course, is totally ridiculous, and I know it, but I am a worrier by nature, and it is hard not to.
 I do agree with Pat, though, it is not worth it, and will do nothing to help our hips heal and recooperate. In fact, worrying will weaken your immune system, which can cause a slew of  health problems, and will definitely not help us rehabilitate!
 Try to enjoy each day. Think positive. Listen to your body. This website is proof that there are a lot of women, small framed and otherwise, that have successful HRs.
 Enjoy.   Luann
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Re: small framed women...waiting for something bad...cormet resurfacing
« Reply #4 on: October 22, 2010, 03:51:47 AM »
Ann, Luann and Pat, thank you for your comments.  I do agree and most days very optimistic/positive; I am the type who just wants to be ready for worst case.  My name on here is crash...sounds funny, but because of my car accident 18 years ago which started all the problems in the first place.

I am very hopeful and will be very cautious not to overdue it and daydream through the winter of all things I will do come summer.  I have a 3 year old son and every day after physiotherapy he asks me “mamma can you run now?”  very cute and one day perhaps a year from now I can say yes.

Great site, and if I did not find this I would probably have a ceramic-ceramic total hip.

A special thanks to you PAT for all your work and efforts on this site!


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