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Author Topic: 6 weeks post-op today  (Read 1781 times)

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6 weeks post-op today
« on: October 29, 2010, 09:36:26 PM »
Well, I had hoped to update this earlier, but I couldn't remember my password...   :)

I had a right BHR performed by Dr. Klug on 9/21, and things have gone pretty smoothly, although I'm amazed at how quickly some of you have recovered...   :)

The surgery went fine - the surgeon found that the outside of my femoral head was dead, chalky bone, but once he started chipping it away, he found healthy bone.   So I avoided my greatest concern - a total hip replacement.   I spent 3 days in the hospital (Kaiser Roseville), and that was a mixed experience, but it was positive overall.   Came home the Friday after my surgery, and it's been a little better every day since then.    

Spent a week or so on a walker, and then moved to crutches.   Another week, down to one crutch.   I've been on a cane for 2 weeks now, and am spending more and more time without it.  Spent the first 4 weeks in a hospital bed in the den, which allowed my wife to get some rest, and allowed me to be a lot more comfortable than in my regular bed (I HIGHLY reccommend it if your plan covers it, or if you can afford it).  

One thing my Dr did not do is prescribe any PT (he told me that most of his patients do fine without it - the functionality comes back naturally).   The last time I saw the surgeon was the day after my surgery, and I won't see him again until my first follow-up appointment on Nov. 9th.   Part of it is because I live a fair distance away, and we've traded emails back and forth, but it seemed odd to have little to no face-to-face time with the surgeon.

I'm glad I did it - I'm far from 100%, but the hip pain is gone, and the muscle pain in my thigh is getting less every day.   I'm looking forward to being able to play with my 10 year old again.   :)


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Re: 6 weeks post-op today
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2010, 10:07:42 PM »
If anyone forgets their password - there is a reminder button to click or I can assign a new one if you email me.  The FORGOT MY PASSWORD is on the second page when you log in and don't post your password.  At the bottom of the box.

Glad to hear you are doing well.  Thanks for taking the time to update us.

Many surgeons don't recommend any PT after your initial surgery and early PT in the hospital.  My surgeon told me to walk, walk and walk.  There are many people that just continued to live their lives and recovered fine.  Others seem to have muscle problems and require PT.  A lot depends on the surgeon and the patient.

Good Luck.

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Re: 6 weeks post-op today
« Reply #2 on: October 29, 2010, 10:13:47 PM »
Hi Pat - I did use the forgot password button, but the email address that is tied to this site is my work address, and I only started working again yesterday.   :)


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Re: 6 weeks post-op today
« Reply #3 on: November 09, 2010, 06:59:45 PM »
I had my right hip done in the beginning of July and as of now (11/9/10), I'd say that I'm about 98% back to normal. I couldn't have done this without PT. It's a must. You have to repair the damaged muscle. PT lessens the time of healing and gives for greater mobility.


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Re: 6 weeks post-op today
« Reply #4 on: December 01, 2010, 09:50:48 PM »
Actually, I've done fine without PT, although I suspect that my recovery might have been faster if I had incorporated some into it (Such is the penalty for living in the boonies and outside of the coverage area).    At 9 weeks post-op, I'm walking with no hip pain (knee is another matter) and back to a normal schedule.  Still working on the overall stamina, but I'm very pleased with how it's going.  No cane, no assistive devices - it's all good.    ;D    Now I'm waiting (patiently) for my ROM to come back...


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