Author Topic: how soon can i return to useing a crosstrainer  (Read 1185 times)

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how soon can i return to useing a crosstrainer
« on: January 03, 2011, 03:02:30 PM »
hi I am 6 weeks post opp and getting about ok without any walking sticks still a bit sore but generally ok how soon will I be able to use a cross trainer every day for about 30 min also walk hills and mountains ime worried I will  cause damage to hip resurfacing is there anyone that has been doing all these things for years after hip opp without any problems,thanks kings.


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Re: how soon can i return to useing a crosstrainer
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2011, 08:53:44 PM »
I had mine resurfaced in 2006 and I play soccer now. I know someone who ran the marathon 3 months after surgery! Now, I would not advise that, but I think after 6 months you should be able to do a lot of those activities, with no problem. In my experience you would still be gaining strength for up to 1 year after the op. Have fun! 


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Re: how soon can i return to useing a crosstrainer
« Reply #2 on: January 17, 2011, 05:50:56 PM »
Thanks for your reply good to now your doin well after your opp i been back to hospital for first check up today 7 weeks after opp been walking without any aids since week 3 i asked loads of questions to mr owen the surgen who did my hip and lookin good like you say he told me i can use bike to start building up to cross trainer over a couple of week and 20-30 min on them no problem but  stay away from high impact activitys and the longer the resurfacing should last me  but most other things even joging should be ok after about a year got to go back again in 6 weeks for xrays an another checkup anyway untill then ime on the bike and cross trainer gets better evryday thank again for your help


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