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Weightlifting/resistance training
« on: January 03, 2008, 10:02:41 AM »
Hey Stan~

I am very new to this site and cannot find anyway to just "reply" or "respond" to your inquiry ... besides the first one that I did successfully (that would be when there was a reply button available that doesn't exist now).  I hope this will post successfully.  A few folks have chimed in with their warnings of conservative ... almost a "give up" attitude about returning to something you love that they seem to be of little knowledge.  Please know this ... I would NEVER do any type of exercise that exacerbates my now ... 17 month-old BHR.  I AM ... and YOU MUST BE your own sports doctor with every move you make.  Listen to your body!  My personal surgeon--Dr. Vijay C. Bose of Apollo Speciality Hospitals, Chennai, India is one of the two TOP doctors on this planet when it comes to handling athletes with complicated, difficult cases.  I brought with me --Mike Mahler's DVD of Kettlebell Training for Size and Strength to India and showed it to him in my hospital suite.  Upon viewing Mike double snatching a pair of 70lb-kettlebells rapidly for several reps ... the first thing he told me was ... "You should compete with him!".  Dr. Bose told me to "Use it like a regular hip".  Anything I want to do ... go for it.  The hip thrust required to put up a pair of K-bells for any of the ballistic moves or modified Olympic lifts is of the most austere in sports.  Having spent over ten years training with the Japan Karate Association I know what hip-thrust, and hip rotation is all about.  And, I sure as heck know more about it than any degreed American medical doctor who has never done it before!  Please don't get me wrong ... I have taken advice from American docs before ... but they first have to prove that they know more about the subject matter that I'm inquiring about --before I give them that privilege.  In America, ma brutha ...

You have to become your most favorite sports doctor and then some if you want to live a fulfilled life.  You cannot blindly trust ANY American doctor just because they love the sound of their voice.  One cannot rest oneself into fitness.  And one cannot rely on out-of-shape docs to give them advice on health, fitness, and nutrition.  The main reason that people shake in their boots when their doctors speak to them is because their personal doctors made straight "A's" in "Doctor god Class" ... and their patients believe thats what they are.  Rampant arrogance about ones education permeates the hospitals, docs offices, and hallowed halls of pseudo-health in this country.  I applaud anyone that has finished medical school; however, that does not position one somewhere between man and God.  And it certainly doesn't make ME beneath them! 

I personally loved dealing with someone that was down to earth.  Quick to respond.  Loving.  Humble.  Off the chain cool.  Eager to answer any and all questions.  Confess his medical record, education, performance history and sell me on his qualifications!  And more qualified than anyone I've ever met in America!!!  When we had an appointment at 2 o'clock he was holding the door open for me at 2 o'clock!  And that was Dr. Vijay C. Bose--one of thee finest human beings I've ever met in my mere 51 years of life!  After all of that human coolness-- I was shocked to learn how gifted a surgeon he was!  Let me close with this, Stan ...

People in my church ask me all the time ... "How is that hip doing?".  My patent answer is this ... "I wish ALL the joints in my body were as good as this one!!!".  And thats because it is thee best performing joint in my body.  I truly do wish that all of the joints of my body performed like my right hip.  Its the most perfect joint that I have!  So ... don't lament, Stan.  You will have everything you want if you follow my advice.  Let me know how you are doing and what you are doing; and, where you are planning to get your surgery.  Miss Vicky knows more about hippy-surgeons around the globe than any 100 hospital administrators in the universe!   

It's all good my brutha ... but don't let non-weight-lifters get you down.  Your recovery can be awesome ... I know so!  I just double-cleaned a pair of 70's moments ago!!!

Ever Thine,


RBHR, 7/31/06
Dr. vijay C. Bose, Apollo Speciality Hospitals, Chennai, India

PS.  Folks ... I don't know what y'all do here ... but it seems to be customary to include what procedure you had, the date, and with what doc on your signature ... is this not accepted here???  Thank you for your instruction and time. 


I have done weightlifting/resistance training since the age of 13.  I am almost 60. I will be speaking with my surgeon, however, I would like to hear from anyone out there who has returned to this form of exercise after his or her resurfacing.  I would like to know the length of time required before returning to this exercise and the type of program one used upon return.

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Re: Weightlifting/resistance training
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2008, 12:19:59 PM »
Hi Chawls

First - I want to thank you for taking time to post to the group.  I know it is most appreciated.

Second - I am sorry that I know nothing about weight lifting.  I do, however, know Dr. Bose and my doctor, Dr. De Smet are 2 of the best in the whole world.  I am just normally more conservative talking to people when I know nothing about what they are asking.  Better to be safe than sorry.

Third - I am so happy that you can tell people about a sport that they love and teach them how to participate again after hip resurfacing.

To Post a reply - you just hit the REPLY button at the top of the whole group of posts - you can't post to a singe reply. That's why I try to keep posts in groups so the answers make sense.  The software I use is one of the 2 most popular and best Discussion Group PHP programs - yet it isn't as easy to use as I would like.

To start a new topic, click into one of the 8 main topics - like HIP RESURFACING GENERAL QUESTIONS - then hit the NEW TOPIC BUTTON on the top right menu.  If you want to receive  email replies back - hit the NOTIFY button.

Thanks again for posting. I hope you will stay with us to help any future athletes and particiuarly weight lifters.

If you have information about weight lifting and hip resurfacing, I would also be happy to post an article by you or about you and your methods on the main website.  Always happy to learn and help other people learn.

Pat - Owner/Webmaster of Surface Hippy
Webmaster/Owner of Surface Hippy
3/15/06 LBHR De Smet


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