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At the NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases today for my pre-op testing, medical clearance, and pre-surgery class.  Long day - but one I've been waiting for for some time now. Bi-lateral resurfacing scheduled for June 21st with Dr. Scott Marwin. I'm a little anxious, but mostly, excited to be working towards recovery and being pain-free!

Wondering if anyone has any experience with Peggy Huddleston's "Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster" program?


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Welcome!  I was nervous but excited about my first surgery.

So you're doing both in the same day? I think Lori did that as a few other people did the same within a week. I've also done both, but with a three month space in between. Congratulations on getting it done and taking good steps forward.
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Good luck twerdy.

I did my two hips a month apart.  You're brave to do them on the same day, but that just means that you'll be farther ahead on your recovery!!

PS - I haven't seen the program you're referring to.
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Best wishes on your surgery and recovery.  I too think you are brave to have them both done at once.

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Best wishes to you on your surgery. Getting them both done at the same time is a tougher recovery the first week or maybe two but I think it's worth it. Keep us posted on your progress. Keep focused on a better life without hip pain!
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Hi Twerdy! Welcome :)  I had both on the same day and have no regrets.  I'm probably not a good person to compare to though as my hips had been a huge mess for a very long time so muscles were extremely weak in ranges that I had been unable to use for a decade.  I also had a few minor complications so it has taken me a bit longer than some others to get back on top of things.  Getting them both done at once was absolutely the best way for me to go as there is no way either of my old hips would have handled the rehab process as the 'good leg'. 

Whatever you can do to prepare yourself is going to help on the other side of surgery.  I haven't read the book that you refer to but being as strong and healthy as you can be is certainly a positive start to your recovery. 

Glad you are excited and looking forward to getting stuck into rehab.  If you are allowed, get into the pool for some hydro, it's an awesome feeling.

Best Wishes!
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