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Resurfacing with Dr. Stocks
« on: December 21, 2008, 09:05:30 PM »
I'd just like to follow up briefly. Had the surgery and it was very uneventful with the exception that once Dr Stocks got to the joint, it was much worse than the MRI indicated. So an hour and a half surgery turned into three hours to clean up the joint. Luckily, the hospital employed blood recycling techniques so all went well and he was able to stick to the original resurfacing game plan after damage control was performed.

Fast forward to day 8 post op and I was already walking unassisted and drove myself 2 hours to get sutures removed at 2 weeks. Actually I had been driving for three or four days prior. Tomorrow is three weeks and I am back into my life maintenance routines (cleaning house, grocery store etc) along with my training regime. Tomorrow I start back to the gym and have been given the green light to start with weigths on upper body and low impact cardio (elipse or walking on treadmill). I camn also augment the treadmill with light weight leg extensors and flexors. I am incorprating a soft ball between my knees for strengthening my groin muscles.

Never had any swelling and left the hospital without any bandage necessary; never any drainage. The worst part of the whole deal I guess so far was the stiffness, pain and some bruising at the soft tissue around the knee on my operated side. This was due to the manipulation necessary to dislodge the hip joint. When I talked to Brandon, Dr Stock's assistant who did the deed, I laughingly told him he had a butt kicking coming. I was told by the nurse when I had my sutures out to give him a hard time as he was the villain. These folks have been great to me and have provided great support all the way.

The other unpleasantness was the nausia from the blood thinner injections. No deal breaker but it was noticeable, even if I ate before giving myself the injections. I can point these things out as unpleasant because the whole thing has gone so smoothly.

I was out walking the neighborhood distributing brownies for the holidays today and the neighors are shocked at my progress. My doctor pointed out to me specifically that my rapid recovery was probably atrributed to the cardio and weight training I did right up until surgery along with a strict diet plan. Having once been a certified trainer and years of training for sports and in the military, it was nice to be able to put together a routine and high immunity diet plan for this event. Working through the daily pain was easier knowing it would be ended after the fact.

I will update again after some time has passed with my training and I do my 6 week assessment with my doctor. I'd like to mention and I am curious if anyone else has had this experience; I have slight transient pains in my buttocks, hamstring and knee. They are not static and not intense. I am assuming that this is part of the healing process as scar tissue is less elastic than normal soft tissue and has to be flexed to become more elastic. If anyone else is going through this, I would be interested to hear their take.

Also, I have experienced a strange sensation of brain to foot confusion. I have so much more freedom of movement and ROM, that my brain keeps trying to understand the new range and subtle movements change. The doctor says I should re learn my new ROM in time but it is still the strangest feeling. I guess after 15 years of dealing with the limits I had, the sudden change should be expected to come with this. More later and Merry Christmas to all. I have a feeling my 09 is going to be filled with excitement as I am able to re socialize and become active again! The best Christmas present I have ever had!
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Bo Porter


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Re: Resurfacing with Dr. Stocks
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2008, 07:55:33 AM »
Go Bo!

Your pre-op story is so close to mine in age and attempts to solve the problem in every other way.  I took unflavored geletin in grape juice every morning for years.  It did help, and, you're right, my other joins benefitted but did not heal the destroyed hip.  I accelerated my surgery through miles and miles of running. 

Your recovery is way ahead of me.  I stayed as active as possible prior to surgery as well through bicycling to work.  My RBHR was 11/18, and just now feel like I am turning the corner.

Just wanted to say your story is very interesting and well-written. 

Congratulations and Merry Christmas! 

Dwight V


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Re: Resurfacing with Dr. Stocks
« Reply #2 on: December 22, 2008, 08:25:22 PM »
Thanks Dwight. Please stay in touch and let me know how it goes. I am feeling so good, I threatended my family with joining the old timers rodoe association and starting riding bulls again........went over like a lead balloon. I made it very clear that I was just kidding before I was assaulted........more later!
Bo Porter



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