Author Topic: Acetabular cup lossened leading to dilocation after less than 5 years  (Read 13779 times)

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I had hip resurfacing on my right hip in late 2004.  Everything seemed fine for about two years then I continued to have considerable clunking.  I went to Physio and he was concerned enough to send me back to surgeon.  I was told clunking was normal.  Two years later I was on my knees reaching to pull a weed in the garden and my hip dislocated.  I had a THR as there had been a lot of damage due to the loosened acetabular cup.  My recovery was very slow and I still have considerable weakness in this leg and my quality of life has suffered dramatically.  I am an otherwise fit 48 year old with the hips of a 70 year old.  My resurfacing was a Cormet-Stryker product and there was suspicion of a defective part as my bone had not fused with the cup. 
Is there anyone with a similar story or advise?  I am young and concerned of future failure in my left hip which was resurfaced just 30 months ago is paired up with a wonky THR on the right.



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Re: Acetabular cup lossened leading to dilocation after less than 5 years
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Thanks for sharing, Jeff, so sorry you have to go through all this!! I hope someone here can shed some light on this and help you keep your sanity!  Lu
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Re: Acetabular cup lossened leading to dilocation after less than 5 years
« Reply #2 on: December 23, 2011, 03:27:32 AM »
I'm sorry that happened, Jeff.  Sometimes certain surgeons are kind of dismissive when you have a problem with their surgery.  Instead of recommending a second opinion to the clunking 2 years post op and wanting to investigate it further, these types leave you out to dry.  Who was your surgeon?

Thank you for your courage and you're obviously a caring person.  You have contributed an important piece of knowledge that may just save another hippy with a similar long past surgery clunking issue from a THR.  I hope you get well and are able to move about without pain.
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