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Stingley Gulch

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dangerously high?  My cobalt level is very slightly elevated at 1.0 ng/mL with a reference range of 0.0 - 0.9 ng/ml. This test was taken at my small  local clinic, supposedly following the correct procedures with special metal tubes etc. and was sent out to the Mayo Clinic.

I had a BHR resurfacing done in November,2005 by Dr. de Smet. I considered my hip resurfacing a resounding success with no pain, no clunking, no restriction of movement.  I did experience occasional and very mild soreness in tissue around the BHR.  I went to a well respected surgeon at the Stedman Hawkins Clin in Vail, Colorado last March, to get my BHR checked along with other issues.  The surgeon told me it was normal to have some soreness around the hip implant - that the soft tissue does not like the implant as well as the natural bone.  He said x-ray of BHR was fine and all was well with the hip resurfacing.

Now I am not so sure.  Before surgery I had a few symptoms of mild Chronic Fatigue that would come and go under times of stress.  But I felt in great shape when I went to Belgium.  I had been training hard with my Pilates trainer who had also had BHR with Dr. de Smet, and was really in the best shape of my life.  However, within months of surgery the Chronic Fatigue has returned and has blossomed into a full blown ongoing problem.

I was most interested in a posting by Linett (under another subtopic)who mentioned having high chromium levels and normal cobalt with fatigue, lack of energy. and flu-like symptoms.  Has anyone else had these same symptoms with High Chromium levels?  I am beginning to wonder of high chromium levels could be at the root of my health issues. 

I would really appreciate anyone's input or help in this matter.


Mindy (grandmesa)

P.S.I had my IGE serum tested and it was normal - meaning no allergic response is going on in my body.  My immune system was also tested and found that my IGG is low.



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hay mindy,
              ive not really looked at the whole ion issue as from what ive read certainly with a good device like the bhr if its well placed the wear will be so low its not going to be an issue. But the figures youve been checked at seem pretty low compared to some ive seen posted on here from people with cups placed at 50+degrees.
I really hope that you get to the bottom of the issue and you feel well again!
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That is not dangerously high IMHO.  I've heard of much much worse.

That test is very sensitive, if possible I would ask for a re-test in a few months, you could end up higher or lower.  For that test they are very strict about even taking vitamins with minerals before taking that test.

Hope it all works out for you.

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Isn't there several kinds of tests?
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