Author Topic: Tired. tired, more tired after six week post-op, apparently, its anemia  (Read 1783 times)

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Had a BHR on 1/29/08.  Went back to work on 2/25/08.  Since then I had been feeling quite listless, I went to bed right after getting home from work and stayed bed as much as possible on the weekend.  My loving bride was ready to put me in a large, black plastic bag.

Went to a Red Wings game on 2/29/08, it was like climbing Mt. Everest.

Finally, I called my surgeon's office on 3-4-08 and told them of my exhaustion issues, and the MA immediately denied it had anything to do with the surgery, it must be a virus or something.  "Go see your family doc"   

So I had a blood test with the family doc and turns out I am "very" anemic.  Their opinion is this was due to blood loss during surgery.

Now I have to take iron pills for 30 days.   

Anybody else had or having this problem??


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Some people take a long time to recover from surgery.  It took me almost 6 months to get all my energy back, but I wa 61.  I have read about many people being tired.  I know some people have lost a lot of blood and some required blood.  I did not exprience that, so I can't help too much.

6 weeks post op is still not that far from surgery.  It takes a long time for the body to heal.  I hope the iron will help.  Mostly you just have to give yourself time to get back to normal.


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Hi - I am just about 3 months post op (had my surgery 12/17/07) and I am finally getting to where I am not tired all the time. I don't work outside the home, but found it tiring enough to do carpool, cook dinner, etc....any time I added anything new, I found that it really tuckered me out.  I asked my doctor if I was anemic...he did not re-check my blood but just suggested that I improve my diet. I have also not been able to do cardio exercises (my doctor is real conservative) and I personally think this has contributed to my tiredness/sluggishness.   Be gentle with yourself...it just takes time.

Jill W


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My people had me start iron pills a week before surgery and instructed to continue for a good while after.  I'm still taking them at 3 months post   I'm tired also, but blame my heavy work schedule and the body healing still.  Will continue the iron daily for a while and taper off.


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Maybe have your doctor test you for pernicious anemia?
some people lack the "intrinsic factor" which helps the body absorb B12
without it you can take all the B12 in the world and you won't be able to use it
test is a simple blood test for the "intrinsic factor"
I was diagnosed 4 years ago and give myself a shot of B12 once a month
I feel great whereas before I was tired, weak and foggy
even if you don't have pernicious anemia a one time shot of B12 is a quicker way to raise your B12 level than by taking it orally
good luck


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