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I'm 12 days out from my surgery and definitely am freaking out a bit. I've made my pro and con list and done my research, but I still find myself feeling panicked. Someone suggested making a vision board of all the things I'm going to do with ease with my new hip and I agree it is more helpful to focus on the positive.

Know there is a wealth of info and experience out there as I've read tons of posts. However, my time is short in getting everything ready and I thought it might be helpful to everyone to have the info consolidated into a post.

Please share your tips on staying calm in the days leading up to surgery as well as anything I can do pre or immediately post op to enhance my recovery. I've already heard to get off the pain meds as soon as I can, plus have a list of natural supplements that will help with the trauma, bruising and swelling.

What else?
Thanks in advance.


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Susan, I was in your boat in January.  Anxious, worried, etc..I'd never had any surgery, just had 2 kids and that was less than 24 hrs in the hospital with each.  I kept getting little panic attacks about being put under, about dying, about waking up with a THR instead of a BHR....everything.  But every time I tried to exercise or had to put off any activities (ie: I had to turn down a day of snow shoeing on a Blue Bird morning!) I remembered why I was scheduled for surgery!  I am now 6 wks post op and am very happy I did it even though the post-op recovery is difficult.  It's not all sunshine and roses - lots of discomfort, a few down days, but doing my PT is the reward in that the O/A pain is gone and it's all just the muscles that need to heal. 

Count down the days and rejoice that in less than 2 weeks you will be in recovery mode!  It's not easy but it's WORTH IT!!! 

I have no secret to coping other than I just knew from all of those who have posted here and gone before me, that I was doing the right thing and it would be OK!!!  This site is the BEST!!!
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Susan, we are in the same boat:)  My surgery is the 12th. I am calm though, not worried one bit.  This is my tenth surgery so I 've been down this road before.  Just focus on the good things.  I know people get nervous about being put under and I keep telling peoplethat you're going to go to sleep lol.  You have no choice. I am excited to be pain free so keep focusing on that as well as being active again so this can't come soon enough. Positive thoughts! It'll be just fine.


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Hey Susan,  Iam 17 days PO, i was thinking everything that you are now, it was horrible waiting for the big day, but once i was at hospital and just went with flow it really wasn't half as bad as i was expecting, my worst issues was the pain meds, they made me sick, dry mouth horrible and nightmares, but everyones different on them, believe it or not i slept better on Tylenol than the narcs, no pain med at day 7 PO.  the sleep was the next thing i could only sleep about 3 hrs sitting, throw the clock out the window 1st week, get up when needed and sleep when needed no matter what time it is. ice ,ice i bought 2 large ice packs 16" x 16"  that way i could put one on top and underneath leg worked great. a raised toilet seat is a must. now iam cruising around pretty good on crutch's moving up and on to a better life.



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Hi Susan, one thing that helped me is kind of like visualization, but it was more tangible to a tangier guy like me. I just tried to do all I could to prepare for me to be as self sufficient as possible.

This did a few things for me:

  • It gave me a goal (being self sufficient even on crutches).
  • Kept my mind busy
  • Gave me a feeling of self control after so long without it (the OA was in control)
  • Enabled me to envision the future, when I would be healing and using the things I prepared

The busy period before (buying food, setting chargers on the kitchen counter, movies you want to see, books (I bought a kindle), making sure furniture wasn't in the way....) filled my time and got me hopeful, the payoff after is that your needs are taken care of by the preparations, and you feel like you accomplished a lot. Just my opinion, but you do have to be good to yourself emotionally as well as physically now.

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My surgery is the 14th. I'm not super nervous. Maybe I will be who knows. Hang in there. I keep telling myself that in 6 months my ability to be as active as I want is going to make any discomfort/expense/anxiety worth it.
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Stay busy, reduce caffeine, get a lot of exercise (if you can), try not to drink too much alcohol, you don't want to get into a cycle.  Basically, all the usual stuff about reducing anxiety.  Maybe treat yourself to something that you know will make you happy or help you get your mind off of it.  I bought some music, which I don't do very often. 

I was pretty ramped up about both of my surgeries.  You'd think I would have been less anxious before the second one, but not so.  On the second surgery, my wife and I planned a 2 day getaway for our anniversay, which was the day before surgery.  We don't have a lot of time by oursleves, so I was pretty excited to get away.  That helped me focus on the fun we were going to have and not on surgery.         

I think another thing that helped me a lot was, trying to focus on the future, after surgery and recovery and all that.  Simply knowing that I would not be in pain and I would be able to get back to all the activities before OA set in was really nice to think about and it helped me be more accepting of the process (surgery, recovery).

Good luck, you'll be fine.
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Hi Susan, I think your surgery was yesterday (or today, confused)  :-[

Hope everything is fine, check in and let us know how it went when you can.
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