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Dr. James Rector
« on: March 19, 2012, 11:16:48 AM »
I had my three month follow up visit with Dr. Rector last week. Everything is fine, except for some lingering range of motion issues which I should have addressed during physical therapy. Dr. Rector is pleased with his work and my progress. He has agreed to resurface my left hip whenever I want to schedule the surgery. The hip is ready, and he believes based upon the excellent result we had with the right hip, there is no reason to delay.

Dr. Rector spent a considerable amount of time with me last week discussing what he learned at the AAOS. He also talked about his experience with over 600 patients and the feedback he has been getting from other resurfacing surgeons. The metal on metal issue was a very big deal at the AAOS and has frightened a good number of surgeons away from resurfacing. The good news is, the great resurfacing doctors like Dr. Rector have had wonderful results and have no intention of being bullied by articles such as those in the New York Times. The great surgeons are passionate about resurfacing and the improvement in the quality if life it returns to those of us who have suffered the loss of many of our favorite activities.

It has taken me some time, and several visits, to get to know and appreciate how fine of a surgeon and how caring a human being Dr. Rector is. He is a straightforward fellow and can be difficult at times, but my last two visits with him have been extraordinary and left me with such a good feeling about my resurfacing experience. I have no fear about getting the second hip done.

I have heard only positive stories from patients of Dr. Rector. I think he ranks with the very best hip surgeons. He certainly has given me back my life. I've lost the limp I had for the last three or four years and no longer carry a grimace on my face. I've still got more recovery to experience, and there could be a setback waiting for me, but right now I'm a happy smiling old sports junkie. I did three bikes rides on the dirt trails in the local foothills this week on my Canondale Lefty, walked a bunch and even enjoyed going to the mall!

A very big thank you to Dr. Rector and his staff. I would love to hear from some other Dr. Rector patients.

RBHR with Dr. Rector on 11/30/2011
LBHR with Dr. Rector on 6/11/2012


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Re: Dr. James Rector
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2012, 12:56:41 PM »
Not a Rector patient (I'm sure they'll chime in), but really happy for you and that Dr. Rector is following his own path despite the hullaballoo. Love the results, Boomer.
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Re: Dr. James Rector
« Reply #2 on: March 19, 2012, 06:10:23 PM »
Well, Boomer I'd have to agree with you.  If anyone's been following my recovery from surgery with Dr. Rector you'll see first hand how well he is as a surgeon.  I was very, very impressed with how well the surgery turned out.  Again, I'm still pretty early in my recovery, but I can't believe were I am at only being 6 weeks out.  Dr. Rector's skill and knowledge has to rank up there in the top 5-10 surgeons in the world.  Like Boomer pointed out he's done over 600 of them, and when I talked with him at my surgery had told me he's only had to do two revisions in the resurfacing procedures he's done.  One was a fall and the lady broke her femoral neck, and I can't remember what the other one was.  Pretty impressive if you ask me. 

Those who are looking at traveling to get it done, might want to consider Dr. Rector.  I could've flown anywhere I wanted to get it done but chose him.
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Re: Dr. James Rector
« Reply #3 on: March 20, 2012, 09:24:01 AM »
Boomer....on your mountain bike at 4 months?  Awesome.  I have a K2 calling my name, but I think I'm too afraid to risk a fall.  My skills are also much diminished, so I figured I would have to wait a year.  Hit the trails for me, okay?
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Re: Dr. James Rector
« Reply #4 on: March 20, 2012, 04:09:21 PM »
Nice report Boomer...great to hear about how well you are doing.  Keep smilin' !

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Re: Dr. James Rector
« Reply #5 on: March 20, 2012, 05:45:53 PM »

Great to hear from you and that it has gone so well.  I'm almost 4 weeks after #2 and feeling great about getting closer to this being mostly a memory, so as you heal and think about the other one, with a great surgeon like yours, you have a high probability of more success.

Really cool to hear you are out doing what you love, sincere congratulations,

LBHR Dr Brooks, 10/2011; RBHR 2/2012


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