Author Topic: How will I know if I am a candidate for Resurfacing? My Arthritis is very bad  (Read 964 times)

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I need bilateral hip replacement. It's pretty bad. How can I find out if I am a good candidate for Resurfacing? The doctors where I live do not do this, therefore they are not going to be honest. I have excellent insurance.


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Hi and welcome! Firstly there are several world class docs who will give you an opinion via email based on your symptoms and your xrays here's a few names for you. Dr Vijay Bose. Dr Gross. And Dr De smet. Get hold of your xrays and email them along with a brief description of your symptoms and they will give you there clinical opinion.
Where do you live by the way?
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Hi nevada, welcome. I'd back Danny up on that, you want to talk to one of these doctors and get your XRays and any other information that you have to them.

They are some of the best in the world and can let you know where you stand, whether a resurface can be done, and if not, what other options are possible. You're doing the right thing, taking control of the situation and finding out where you stand.

The rest is all good, whether you qualify for HR or a THR, the pain and suffering will go. This is you taking strong steps for yourself. HR has been great to me, others have had great success from THRs. I'm a bilateral HR, was done almost two years ago, and I was pretty bad as well, no cartilage on one, almost none on the other and bone spurs everywhere.

All of us have been there, you're among those who get you. Do your research, get the best doctor possible, get yourself fixed and rejoin your life.
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Hi and welcome, had both mine done on the same day. Danny and Hernanu are more familar with all
the different top surgeons. All I can tell you is when Mr Mcminn saw my xrays he said the bones were good as they showed up as white (had no cartilage in both). This is the place to be guided :)
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If you want to talk to someone in person and are in Northern Nevada you can head west over the hill and find several very good doctors in the bay area. If you are in Southern Nevada you've got doctors in San Diego and Los Angeles as well.
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