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Author Topic: Pre-Op Testing at HSS  (Read 1017 times)

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Pre-Op Testing at HSS
« on: September 13, 2012, 12:38:28 PM »
Okay, hopefully I'll make this short. HA! 

Yesterday I went to HSS ( hour and half drive from my house ) to do the pre-op screenings. After my navigation system decided that HSS was located in Brooklyn not Manhattan, I took a tour of the lower portion of Manhattan before ditching the system and going the obvious route. Yes.. the Freedom tower looks pretty, but it became a huge concern when I saw it lol. Just a tip with HSS. HOLY PARKING FEES BATMAN. 33 per day about.

9:00 AM Pre-surgical screening room: Check in, fill out forms, wait to be called. I'd say 1/2 hour wait. Run through of your medical history, urine sample, blood samples. They give you some informational material, body scrubs for your last shower before surgery and the ultra creepy enema. You are then sent over to Pre-op X-ray where they take a chest X-ray and Hip X-rays. Was a little concerned when the tech didn't understand that I couldn't raise my leg a certain way, but we moved passed that quickly.

Everything ended about 10 mins before the 11:00 class on the 8th floor.

11:00 Pre-surgery Joint replacement class - This is incredibly geared towards hip replacements not hip resurfacing. The nurse running the show was very nice and informative, but I might of been the only resurfacing patient in the class. Lots of information and material was handed out. Best comment of the class Older Woman: " Excuse me, but with the enema, do you have to put that whole thing up inside ? " ( Voice from back of class ) Older Man: " Only if you are feeling frisky Honey "

Class ended around 12:30 and I had an hour to get 25 city blocks to see the medical clearance doctor. My little sister goes to Marymount college right next to HSS and we met up and walked the blocks ( her dorm is right next to the clearance doctor )

1:30 Medical clearance visit with Dr. Stephen Weiss ( cardiologist ) - This is where things get a bit weird ? I'm calling today to clarify something didn't get missed. I did an EKG with Dr. Weiss, had a great conversation with him and talked about the surgery and the current NHL labor talks. My heart was fine, but he asked why Dr. Su sent me to him. I really didn't know why, and thought it was just based on the EKG and getting medical clearance. I referenced the Urine / Blood samples from earlier in the day and he hadn't received them, and he was kind of perplexed, but not concerned about that. I'm also thinking through it all and I'm sure that someone has to review those samples, and the X-rays. Dr. Weiss commented that he really isn't an internist but could definitely read the results, and would let me know if he receives the results.

With the walking and all the day going by so fast, I realized I hadn't eaten all day and took the time to have a late lunch / early dinner with my sister. I walked her back to her dorm and walked all the way back to HSS. ( Total of 50 city blocks both ways ) -- Who says I need replacement hips ??? lol ( Yes this hurt and I was tired last night )

So, Dr. Su's office doesn't open till 9:00 AM for phone calls. I should call them and talk about who will be reviewing the results ? Maybe a step was missed ? ( I do not want the surgery to be delayed !!! )
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Re: Pre-Op Testing at HSS
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2012, 02:16:45 PM »
All good work (50 blocks? I've walked those, they are not typical blocks). Get all your questions answered, but also remember that they do this many times, and are most likely all set with your analysis. I'd ping them though, better to make sure they cover all of their bases.

Good luck tomorrow - you're in great hands.
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Re: Pre-Op Testing at HSS
« Reply #2 on: September 13, 2012, 02:19:04 PM »
"HOLY PARKING FEES BATMAN. 33 per day about. "

Welcome to NYC!

Good luck with your surgery.  It will be a breeze.
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Re: Pre-Op Testing at HSS
« Reply #3 on: September 13, 2012, 07:57:08 PM »
What's up with the enema?
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