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17 days post OP
« on: October 01, 2012, 03:32:08 PM »
Hello All,

So, I feel there is this secret 2 week fight that we all must endure to get to the goal of what we all originally intended with our surgeries.

During my first 17 days post op from Same-day Bilateral ( OMG I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND SAME DAY EVER ) I've learned that this surgery isn't child's play. My left hip scope from 3 years ago was laughable compared to the stress, anxiety, ( not pain though ) and recovery rate that this surgery has brought.


I've lost about 15lbs post surgery. - I don't eat, I don't drink much. And I've totally pissed off my wife who's been working on a diet for 2 months now and she's lost 25lbs. I've worked on losing weight before the surgery and now my 15lbs loss added to the previous 15lbs lost has pushed me over her weight loss. This is probably the lowest weight I've been since together with my wife, so I said she should appreciate it =-P.

I was given ankle pumps to do as a PT exercise and I liked those.... I liked them so much that I did tons of them. So much in fact, that I ended up hurting both calf / ankle muscles. The muscle was sore and stiff, and hurt a bit to the touch. Which then turned into a DVT concern and my PT and Nurse were talking about a trip to the emergency room. ( GREAT! ) I rested the two legs and the ache finally went away.

Stomach Bug - I haven't been eating too well, but I've been drinking a lot of fluids. My stomach took the opportunity to cause me a problem and Sunday I was stuck with a fever of 101 and the need to be near a bathroom at all times. I sweated out the fever and feel great again ( Call to the NURSE was met with a response of " Go to the ER " ) I'm pretty good at knowing my body, so I didn't feel this was necessary for a plain stomach bug.

Post op depression - with some of your normal faculties taken away from you.. I see that this is a very distinct possibility for depression to set in. It's affected me during this recovery and I do think that when you are facing a bilateral you will be tested on your mental merits.

There are days that are horrible, days that just float by, days that you make incredible strides, and days you do nothing and all the sudden you have motion and strength back in your legs.. IT'S WEIRD.

I have to say though... I'm waiting.. I'm waiting for the days of being normal again. I just had PT with my guy Larry and we did measurements. I'm already in the " normal hip motion range " for normal people. HUGE improvement already.

On a special note to one of the members on the board: DirkV - Thank you! Goalies are a hugely competitive group, but we also stick with another. Thank you for your support and pushes with our particular goalie mental mind set. I've been glad that I've found this board and I'm especially glad that someone can relate to my goaltender mind.

I threw in a pic of a roller hockey championship from a few years ago. I'll be posting a new one in about 6-8months. I guarantee.
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Re: 17 days post OP
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2012, 03:38:46 PM »

It sounds like you're rounding the corner, which is great. 

I can't imagine having both done at one time.  It was hard enough to use the bathroom with one good leg.....I can't imagine both.  With that said, the two-week point was a turning-point of sorts for me, where the daily tasks started to become easier, walking was easier, and the ROM began (albeit slowly) to come around.  I think soon you'll start to see more "two-step-forward" days, and less "one-step-backward" days.

Now, if only I had the "lose 15 lbs." issue you had.  I FOUND them.

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Mike D

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Re: 17 days post OP
« Reply #2 on: October 01, 2012, 05:00:12 PM »
Nice one, Mr Box.
I, like many others, had some dark lonely nights in the first two weeks with all sorts of confusing thoughts about the surgery flying around in my head. That's with just the one side to contend with, so times two must be tough.
Regarding the depression-just keep coming on here, posting your worries and checking back through the old recovery stories.
I think just about every issue I had  was covered somewhere on this great site.
Best wishes for the recovery, like Andy says-you're turning a corner now.
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Re: 17 days post OP
« Reply #3 on: October 01, 2012, 05:54:33 PM »
Awesome Mr. Box! Thats awesome with bi lats! I have only my right at 20 days I still feel like I have my hands full. Getting there though!
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Re: 17 days post OP
« Reply #4 on: October 01, 2012, 07:48:58 PM »
Good job Box and well put.  I think your post here presents a pretty common first few weeks, although it sounds like yours was little rougher than most.  This is a good read for others that might be at day one or 2.  Yeah it can be rough, but you survive and then it all starts to brighten up.  It's pretty awesome.

I know that feeling about getting out and playing the sport you've been missing for awhile.  You'll get there, just take it easy and let the healing be done.  I'm playing my 3rd game of city league soccer tonight.  Looking forward to it and I'll be thinking about you.  You'll get there.
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