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Re: Conserve + with Dr de Smet in Belgium
« Reply #20 on: October 14, 2012, 05:27:15 PM »
All sounds pretty good, Joki. The hematoma (bruising) on your leg is probably similar to what I had both times, along with swelling. There's no real treatment for it, just let it flow out of you.

The asaflow and anti-inflamatory seem to be doing well by you, I'd keep them up, until the doctor says it's time to stop. I wouldn't change anything now, at this very early stage, if things are going well. The same with the crutches - if your body says it feels better on two crutches, then I'd go with that. There is no benefit to getting off crutches early, and you may cause issues with your gait later. You'll only stay on them for a few weeks more, let your body heal properly.

I would be careful of any passive flexion. It is important to let the bone growth take place, the muscle ROM can come later. My PT was very careful of any early movements, only letting me do sideways movement of the leg to my own limits, never pulling beyond.

I started some stretching at about two weeks, but very light and not sideways, just raising the leg up very lightly. This was my own movement, held up by my hand and not pushed by the PT.

What type of leg lifting?
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Re: Conserve + with Dr de Smet in Belgium
« Reply #21 on: October 15, 2012, 07:07:24 PM »
Hi Joki

I can relate to just about everything that you've said. I'm 5 weeks post op now and getting on the static bike at the beginning of my third week is the best thing I have done.  It really eased my tight inner thigh and when I got off the bike (no resistance and increasing time from 5 to 25 mins) my hip felt so stable and 'compact' and encouraged me to go out and do long walks.  However, I found that walking with 1 crutch gave me back ache as I was leaning over.  It was only when I got the stage when I didn't really need a crutch to walk that I moved to just one crutch which I used as an insurance against a stumble.

I quickly stopped the paracetomol (Tylenol or acetominophen type analgesiac in the USA) but I take the non-steroidal anti inflammatory occasionally even now (5 weeks post op).

With regards to the PT.  I would follow the advice from Dr de Smet.  I am under Mr Treacy in Birmingham and he said specifically NOT to take advice from a local PT for the first six weeks and just follow the simple PT advice given in the hospital (video on the McMinn Centre web site) backed up with lots of walking.  His rule is absolutely no pushing the 90 degree rule for the first six weeks.  It is just not worth it.  You want the new hip to be solid for the next 20 years so why push it now to get it working a week or two early and risk screwing it up completely.  Getting the surrounding muscles and tendons working correctly and tightening up the hip flexors first is more important that pushing range of movement.  Once your muscles are tight and the hip is secure then address range of movement but don't risk dislocation as that is total disaster. Mr Treacy pointed that out to me in graphic detail!!!
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luann again

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Re: Conserve + with Dr de Smet in Belgium
« Reply #22 on: October 21, 2012, 07:53:58 PM »
Hi again Joki, hmmm... I had very few problems, and maybe theynweren't really "problems" at all. One of them was getting used to my leg length difference. My OPERATED leg is about 2/3 of an inch longer then my nonoperated leg. I was warned this could happen before sx, and I did get very used to it. Hardly notice it now (2+ years out) unless I have to stand for long periods, then I wear shoes with a lift in the nonop. leg. Works well.
 The only other "problem" I encountered was that the first 6 months or so after sx were virtually pain free. The next 6 months ( in other words 7-12 months after sx) were scary for me. My leg was aching (hip to knee) similar , but not quite as bad, as preop. I panicked! I was certain it was failing. I took Advil as before and worked though it ( checkups showed everything looked fine).
 Funny, but almost precisely the time I hit my 1 year mark, most all discomfort ceased. It was wonderful and a relief. I guess in retrospect that is just how long to took my body to heal. Even when I was in discomfort, I pushed a little everyday and did exercises.
 I have advised many other hippies not to panic if their healing takes longer than others on this site. 
Hope this helps you and others. My hip is awesome now and although not as perfect as the one I was born with, I love it!!  Lu
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