Author Topic: Any surface Hippy out there having surgery with Dr gross week of June 16th?  (Read 1277 times)

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One step closer...  Drove to South Carolina yesterday to meet Dr. Gross. Just couldn't wrap my head around having a surgery and not meeting the surgeon until the day before.   I needed to meet him, feel comfortable with him before I scheduled the surgery. 
What a nice guy.  Down to earth.  Even though he must have answered my questions about 3000 other times prior - he answered with such enthusiasm and passion that I could tell this man just loves doing this surgery.  It seems to be his "mission" to make sure it's a success -  Seems to me he is a bit of a perfectionist which is clearly a win for his patients.
So - I scheduled an appt for surgery June 19th.  Of course I saw quite a few other surgeries on the books and i was just wondering if anyone else is scheduled during that time?
May up the surgery a bit because as I was driving home I realized my birthday was the 20th.   ::)
I have between now and then to stress - just my nature.  I do better if I have no time to analyze things.
thank you everyone!   
Dr Gross, Right hip, 3/21/18

Marco Polo

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Claudia:  Great choice.  Dr. Gross is an outstanding surgeon. 

Use these next few months to get in as good of physical condition (strength and flexibility) as your hip mobility will allow.  It will give you a positive focus and be a great help as you begin the recovery process.
Marco, RBHR, Della Valle, 3/29/13


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Hi MP -
Funny - I just posted another question about that.   I now , since the pain has gotten worse, alternate between my treadmill and the bike with bow-flex for upper body.  Can't use the treadmil for more than 20 minutes without paying for it dearly in pain - especially at night.  But I DO have to do something to build the muscles more in my right leg.  that'll be my priority.
i m very excited now to get this over with. Wish I could have it done tomorrow!
Dr Gross, Right hip, 3/21/18


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Congrats, Claudia. The time comes fast, just use the time to get ready mentally and physically as much as you can.

I'd pay more attention to your upper body strength (crutches, etc.) and your core physically. Those will help in the recovery.
Hernan, LHR 8/24/2010, RHR 11/29/2010 - Cormet, Dr. Snyder

Tin Soldier

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I think the upper body part is very important, since you will be relying on your upper body a good deal more in the first few weeks of recovery.
LBHR 2/22/11, RBHR 8/23/11 - Pritchett.



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