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Bilateral hippy - Dr. Pritchett, May 20, 2013
« on: May 28, 2013, 12:34:10 AM »
I'm one week out from my second hip resurfacing surgery with Dr. Pritchett in Seattle. I got my RBHR surgery seven weeks earlier (Dr. Pritchett's minimum is six weeks) on April 1 (see my story http://surfacehippy.info/hiptalk/hip-stories/new-hippy-dr-pritchett-april-2013/), and on May 20th I got my left side done.

One of the concerns I had as the date for the second surgery date approached was whether my right leg would be strong enough to support my recovery. Luckily, between week 5 and 7 my right leg strength improved substantially, and it was good that I had a week to focus on range of motion after my six week restrictions were removed. I would say that it would have been much more of a challenge at six weeks, but seven weeks between surgeries has been very doable. My right leg has been up to whatever I've needed it to do, and I've had no issues with pain on that side, etc.

While waiting longer between surgeries may have been easier, I wanted to get my recovery over with and just push through. I would also say it's easier to go back through the surgery the second time around when the experience of the first surgery is fresh in my memory. I knew exactly what to expect, and while it doesn't make it easier, it is also nice that I'm not regressing after being used to great function on the other side (i.e. I was only off a cane on the other side for two weeks).

In terms of the second surgery, it seems like it has been more traumatic / difficult than the first surgery. Dr. Pritchett told me after the surgery that it was more difficult than he expected (he said he had to make some adjustments due the fact that my hips are not symmetrical), and I've had more substantial and deeper bruising with this surgery than the last. The surgery / incision pain is definitely greater as well, and is still pretty substantial at one week post-op. I've been down to Tylenol since day 4 mostly due to the way the main pain meds made me feel, but I'm in more pain just sitting or laying down than I was at this point last time around.

One big improvement is that I have significantly less swelling with this surgery. I got much bigger ice bags than I had initially with the last surgery, and was very aggressive about regular and consistent icing. As a result, the swelling is much less than with the right side and my left leg hasn't felt longer than my right so far - a big improvement.

While I'm walking much better after this surgery as a result of the reduced swelling (I've been walking with crutches 1-2 miles a day since day 4), I also have a lot more clicking and clunking sensations. While I had this on the right side as well, on the left side I have clicking / clunking sensations in my hip area as well as on my left thigh and knee. I'm guessing the thigh and knee sensations are due to the muscle trauma from the surgery, but I'm curious if any of you experienced this and how long it took for this to go away?

Anyway, I'm getting bored of the couch and television and eager to get past this initial phase, but I'm optimistic about my recovery outlook given my good experience overall with my other hip. As always, your stories are inspirational and your feedback and advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for this board!
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Re: Bilateral hippy - Dr. Pritchett, May 20, 2013
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2013, 02:16:06 AM »

From reading posts on this site it seems common for bi-laterals to have different experiences on each hip post-op. However, as you say, Dr Pritchett did let you know that surgery this time turned out to be a little more complex.

You're doing really well getting out for your walks each day.

Best of luck as your recovery continues.
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Re: Bilateral hippy - Dr. Pritchett, May 20, 2013
« Reply #2 on: May 28, 2013, 09:09:37 AM »
I had a similar experience. In my case, the first was more difficult than the second, I think because it was just more damaged and needed more work. Each one is different in minor respects (clunking,etc) but they are still contained by the same body.

I healed at about the same rate on both, it is just (I believe) that the first was more damaged, so needed more time to heal and come to terms. It is now the stronger of the two, which seems strange unless you take into account that it was the one that I leaned on to support the right when it was time.

Both are very strong and pain free at almost three years, and function well under some stressful situations (yoga, Tae Kwon Do, soccer, weight lifting), so I have no complaints. I seldom (once every few months) get clunking, usually after a hard workout, and then only one or two.

We're all works in progress, I think, so you are just beginning on your masterpieces. Be patient and you'll get there.
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