Author Topic: Shoulder Osteo Arthritis: Resurfacing or other good options  (Read 7308 times)

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Hi Dr. Bose,

In  '09  I had bilat hip resurfacing performed by Dr. Su at HSS.  I went thru intense, rehab, i.e., 4 hrs. per day beginning 5 days post surgery and the rehab was not bad at all.  I am 58 now and have been lifting weights for more than 40 years.  I have osteo arthritis and significant osteophytes on the ball of both shoulders.  It restricts my motion.  I also have pain in the rear deltiod area, as well as some in the front deltoid and side deltoid area when I lift weights, especially if I perform overhead presses or prone presses using heavy weights.  Its especially painful in the rear delt area and now interferes with my sleep as well.  I went to an orthopedic doctor at Rothman Institute in Philadelphia today who gave me a shot of cortisone in each shoulder and prescribed some PT, altho he said he wasn't sure how much the PT would help, especially my range of motion because of the bone spurs.   He stated that i will likely need surgery in the future.   I am beginning to investigate what the best options are for my condition including surgery, cartilage grafts, etc... and would like to return an exercise routine that includes weight lifting if possible.  Do you have any suggestions or recommendations?  Thank you! 


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