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Hi there ,
In today's paper under the above headline
Hip and Knee replacement joints are close to foolproof thanks to a breakthrough study for tens of thousands of Australians.Faulty joint replacements force 8000 Australians back on the operating table, but the National Joint Replacement registry research has found 4 devices with lower rates of problems even if performed by novice surgeons.
The NJRR has for the first time reported on whether surgeon experience effects the outcome of the operation.While it found that surgeons with 8 years or more experience had a lower rate of revisions it found that with some devices surgeon experience did not matter
RBHR 11/11/13 by Stephen McMahon @
The Avenue Hospital Melbourne Australia

Marco Polo

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Re: These Joints more Hip - page 4 in The Herald Sun Melbourne edition Tues
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Interesting.  Does it identify any hip resurfacing devices that have excellent outcomes irrespective of surgeon experience?
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