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Moving forward at 3 1/2 weeks
« on: November 10, 2013, 05:28:06 PM »
Hi Folks Ė I havenít posted any up-dates in a while but quite frankly, my recovery has been quite uneventful.    I am 3 Ĺ weeks post-surgery and all seems to be going well!  This recovery seems to be progressing a lot quicker than my first.  Here a quick rundown of my progress and struggles:
First, I have no pain - best part of all!
Icing - stopped icing after about 1 week.  There was very little swelling, much different from the first where I was icing for almost 3 weeks.
Crutches - gradually weaned myself off the second crutch.  One crutch inside walking, two crutches outside.  By 2 Ĺ weeks I completely lost the second crutch.
Driving - At 2 weeks, I was driving.  Even though surgery was on my right hip, I felt capable of getting behind a wheel and in control.  Started with very short distances and worked my way into light shopping.
Walking - by now I am walking about 1 mile outside and because we are nestled in the mountains, a lot of my walking is uphill.  It doesnít bother me, in fact, itís quite invigorating!  I am also using a stationary bike, low resistance for about 15 minutes and continue with the first stage exercises that most of us begin with.
Socks! - I was ecstatic when I found a way to get my own socks on!  By wearing only the short ankle socks and using my grabber, I can slip on the toe portion of the sock, then reach around the back of my foot, grab the sock from behind, and slip it over my heel.  It takes a little flexibility but you donít break the 90 degree rule. I don't have precautions but am careful with my moves. 
Stairs - today, I seemed to have mastered the stairs, full weight, without the aid of the crutch!
Home PT - went well, but a lot of it was just a refresher from the first time.  It did help, though, -   finished until outside PT begins

Gait - will take a while to perfect.  After the first surgery on my left hip, I never fully recovered a smooth walking stride.  Two years later, the right hip went so that stopped all progress on my left.  Hence, I will use the one crutch until I feel 100% before moving onto the cane.  Unfortunately, my follow-up appointment isnít until early December so Iíll be working on this on my own.
Because I was still working on strengthening my left hip when my right went, my left has been a bit overwhelmed.  I do feel a bit of stress in that hip so Iím doing the best I can to try to strengthen it again.
Sleep!  I know everyone struggles with this and Iím no different.  Not that I feel any pain, just very uncomfortable and restless!  I think when I do my exercises before going to bed, it helps Ė calms the leg (or tires it out Ė not sure).  Lots of pillows is definitely a must!  Iíve managed to get on my side and remain comfortable for a short period but itís not long lasting.
Boredom! Ė Knew this would be an issue beforehand so I did line up a few small projects to work on after surgery.  Well, theyíre finished so boredom is setting in.  I canít sit for very long as standing and moving around is more comfortable which means more walking and exercising and hopefully a faster recovery!

Not an easy journey mentally but physically, I can't complain - just hoping for steady progress forward with no setbacks!


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Re: Moving forward at 3 1/2 weeks
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2013, 08:45:32 PM »
Sounds really good, Debbie. You're having a great recovery (and you know it).

I partially worked on my gait at the gym. One of the trainers noticed (at one year plus) that when I ran, I was coming down hard on one side, smoothly on the other. I asked her to look at me on the treadmill, first walking and then running.

She found that I was stiffening one leg just before contact in both, creating a slight imbalance and causing my hard step (don't know how else to describe it). I worked on bending my knee as I came down on both sides, and eventually the issue went away.

It might help to have someone look at you and see if there's anything off. Of course it's better if it's a professional.
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Re: Moving forward at 3 1/2 weeks
« Reply #2 on: November 11, 2013, 11:39:01 AM »
Hey keepmovin - I can really identify with the sock struggles, it really bothered me for several weeks. Someone should make a video collection of all the different techniques we use!
Overall it sounds like you're doing really well but the forced inactivity is tough on someone who's not used to sitting still for very long. How about catching up on all the books you've always meant to read but never had time for, or re-watching your favorite movies? (Or you can always spend hours mindlessly surfing the web)
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Re: Moving forward at 3 1/2 weeks
« Reply #3 on: November 11, 2013, 05:21:25 PM »
Thanks Hernan,

My gait has been off for years - starting at the onset of the left hip going back in 2010!  I never quite got that smooth move back! :-\  My family would laugh and make jokes about my 'new walk'.

Once I get to the outside PT, I will press to have them work on strengthening this area.  If this doesn't work I was considering a professional trainer to step in.

Oldsoccerplayer - I like the video idea - do we really see how silly we must look trying to accomplish simply tasks?  Lots of reading, movies and web surfing helped the first few weeks but now my energy is back and need to get off my butt! ::)  Not complaining though - I feel lucky to have all this behind me now!
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Re: Moving forward at 3 1/2 weeks
« Reply #4 on: November 11, 2013, 09:37:59 PM »
Congratulations on your smooth recovery. I am only one full day home and I'm already bored.  lol.  Not going to overdo it though.  One day at a time.  I know Dr. Brooks is very conservative but one reason he wants two crutches for 6 weeks is to help with your gait. You're basically walking without a limp using the crutches, all the while your muscles are strengthening, etc.  I'm sure you will overcome  that. 
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Re: Moving forward at 3 1/2 weeks
« Reply #5 on: November 13, 2013, 10:35:19 PM »
Wow what progress,you have made. One hurdle at a time. I reckon my gait was better before the op lol. All jokes side you are doing very well. Inspiring stuff do all those following suit
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Re: Moving forward at 3 1/2 weeks
« Reply #6 on: November 14, 2013, 12:13:02 PM »
Congratulations Debbie! Sounds like great progress -- keep it up!!
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Re: Moving forward at 3 1/2 weeks
« Reply #7 on: November 14, 2013, 07:23:07 PM »
Hi Debbie-

It seems you are doing quite well at 3 and a half weeks!!!!  Although I certainly can commiserate with you regarding the boredom.  While I will be 12 weeks post-op for a THR this coming Monday, I spent almost 4 months prior to surgery, then 5-6 weeks post op pretty much incapacitated and I thought I was going to go MAD. Had it not been for the excruciating pain to distract me, I probably would have... 

Since you have done this before, you know the drill and it sounds like things are going so much better for you this time around. So, I chime in with your other fellow Hippies in saying make the best of this down time, knowing that you will be back strong!

Take care.



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