Author Topic: Skiing Again 10 Months Post Op - Bi-Lateral Hip Resurfacing at HSS by Dr. Su  (Read 2628 times)

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I am 56 and underwent bi-lateral hip resurfacing at HSS by Dr. Su on March 4, 2014. Surgery time was an amazing 3.5 hours. In addition to arthritis in both hips, I had significant deformity to my left femoral head and socket and leg shortening with affected the alignment of my entire pelvic region. Dr Su put it this way to me "you were a challenging case". BTW, two other decent orthopedic surgeons I consulted with wouldn't consider doing hip resurfacing on me.

I managed to maintain an athletic lifestyle with a lot of time spent skiing at a high level. I raced as a teenager, continuing into collegiate racing and in to my forties. Over the years, as a free skier, I've skied extremely difficult terrain throughout the US and Europe.

At ten months post op, I'm back. In fact, I'm technically skiing better than ever and there are things that I can now do on ski's (solid snowplow) that I have not been able to do comfortably since I developed Legg Calves Perthes at age 8 or 9.

Surfacehippy helped me find great information about surgical choices, including feedback from others that successfully underwent hip resurfacing after suffering from childhood Legg Calves Perthes Disease.

Thank you.


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Excellent mate congrats ;)
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Congrats on a massive achievement. Bi Lateral as well , makes it even better.  :D
Cheers , kiwi boy down under.
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Great to hear you're back and better than ever. Congrats!
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Great report, gives me hope to be getting back on the skis next winter. I haven't skied in about 3 years. I have my bi-lateral surgery in 12 days.


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Excited to hear your story.  I also developed legg calve perthes in one of my hips as a child.  Have lived a very active lift, climbing, running powerlifting, snowboarding, etc.  It seems you have more ROM now than you did before surgery, is that correct?  I have always had terrible ROM in my right hip, but over the last two yrs has gotten progressively worse.  Seeing Dr Rector, who specializes in resurfacing, on March 2nd to see if I am a candidate. 
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