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maybe another hippy
« on: June 25, 2015, 03:36:56 PM »
My abbreviated story:  62 yo male that has played all the sports (except hockey)  but mainly been a hard core cyclist for he last 20 years due to knee issues.  Both road (2-6 thou miles per year) + single track MTB cycling + many hours indoors in the winter.  Many many hammerfest club rides and centuries and long mountain tours.  2 years ago rode the French Alps including several epic TdF climbs.  Last year a tour in the Oregon mountains including Crater Lake.

So... I always assumed my knees would be the first to go but the right hip, that had episodes of stiffness over the years all of a sudden became limiting. This after a typical couple of weeks in March of ramping up my indoor cycling program by adding a couple of VO2 max interval sessions per week.  They get pretty intense with high resistance and cadence and puddles of sweat. Apparently my hip couldn't take it this year.

X-rays showed arthritis but the doc sad it's "not the worst he's seen".  But I was crippled.  Some days couldn't even bear a tiny bit of weight.  Cortisone shot seems to have helped but hard to say... some/most of the improvement might be from the relative rest.  I still walk with a limp but can mostly get around OK for all my ADLs and ride the indoor trainer.  Also have trouble sleeping some nights.  And I am not doing any significant "real" riding outside or serious hiking.  My girlfriend and Jack Russel wonder why I got so slow and gimpy.

Doc said that when it gets too limiting THA is available. I started researching about 2 months ago, looked up resurfacing so here I am. I can't see any reason someone in my situation would go for THA instead of HR.  And I should be a good HR candidate being a big-boned 6'1".

So, while I am not in a super hurry to have surgery (still need more research and to decide whether to travel or not) I am probably headed that way.  Lots of great info on this site and good to read all the encouraging stories here.  I'll be lurking and reading... and eventually posting the story of my journey through his.


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Re: maybe another hippy
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2015, 06:33:36 PM »
Raylo, you've come to the right place....Yours is a typical progression type story.  I as well as so many others on this site feel your pain!!  You may not have the worst hip your doctor has ever seen, there's always someone worse off than you, but from your vantage point it's pretty bad.  When it alters your life's routine I feel it's time.  Only you know the answer.  Unfortunately, we men are a stubborn bunch.  I waited a year too long and I can't get it back.  Put up with it for 3 long years.  When you run out of ways to bluff your way through it and people comment on your limp and call you gimp, It's Time!!  Why would you get a THA rather than a HRA unless medically necessary?  I can't come up with a reason.  That being said, you need to do your homework, as it appears you've started to do, and choose a qualified surgeon with the help of this site and any interviews with them that you can.  In spite of the press, recent actions by Smith & Nephew, and comments by skeptical doctors who perhaps have an agenda, HRA is the "sliced bread" of corrective osteoarthritis of the hip right now.  There will be improvements.  You can count on it.  But we are lucky to have this technology available today and to be informed enough with the help of others on this site, so as to make a good decision.
Best of luck and absorb as much as you can.
L-Hip Biomet U/C, Gross, MD & Webb, NP; 12/14
R-Hip Biomet U/C, Gross, MD & Webb, NP; 04/15

Comfortably Numb

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Re: maybe another hippy
« Reply #2 on: June 26, 2015, 07:17:15 AM »
My experience has been with Dr. Gross and his NP, Lee Webb.  Being one of the older people on this forum to have had the operation at 67, I can tell you that age is not a limitation with him as long as your bone density is acceptable.  As athletic as you've been, you should have no problem qualifying in that regard.  He will review your xrays from a distance and give you an opinion as to whether or not you are a good candidate.

I would urge you not to wait too long for many reasons.  I made the mistake of doing that and by the time I pulled the trigger, I had been forced onto Medicare.  Like most HR surgeons, Dr. Gross does not accept Medicare patients.  Fortunately his NP does accept Medicare, so that got me in the door.  I paid them out of pocket for their services and the hospital was totally covered by Medicare.  Not saying you will make the same mistake, but I did begin seeing Dr. Gross when I was 63 and could have used my regular insurance at that time.  Before I knew it, time had passed me by!

Time is much shorter for people in our age group.  It will take months to schedule an initial appointment and several more months to get a surgery date. From my experience and perspective, there is no reason for anyone in your condition with your physical desires to wait another minute.  Good luck!
Right HR, April 29, 2015, Dr. Gross and Lee Webb; Uncemented Biomet Magnum 60/54 and Recap AHA 54;
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Re: maybe another hippy
« Reply #3 on: June 30, 2015, 05:29:36 PM »
Had right hip done 10/31/2011. Had left hip done 03/30/2015. My surgeon was Dr. Daniel Matthews in Fairhope, Alabma. (very close to Mobile, Alabama). I travelled from Pensacola, Florida about 1 hour away. I am doing great with both hips. Dr. Matthews accepts Medicare for the procedure. I haven't returned to the gym yet, but after a year following the right hip I was back doing heavy exercises. At this point, I cannot even tell my left hip was replaced. I will get back to heavy lifting gradually.
Dr. Matthews is very busy but having Medicare cover the cost is worth a trip to Fairhope, AL. Dr. Matthews can be reached at 251-491-2676.


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