Author Topic: Persistent marked tenderness and swelling below incision three months post-op  (Read 1577 times)

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Has anyone experienced peristent marked tenderness with swelling and redness over and below the incision three months post-op. Blood work is negative for infection. Did you find any way to resolve the problem? It is very discouraging. Marte


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I am bilat, and one side is slower to recover than the other, a little swollen, a little sensitive at incision site. I have wondered why it is more sore than the other. These are my thoughts:

have you been doing more? do you twist more on that side?  is it your dominant side? do you carry your keys in the pocket on that side? could it be the incision is just sensitive, like mild nerve damage?


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Another thought: what kind of stitches did you have? Reading through the recovery stories on this forum, I found a discussion of people who were sensitive to their dissolving stitches. They had some odd pains that resolved three months out.

Of course, stay on top of any changes.



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