Author Topic: Dr. Pritchett Interviews Dr. Frederick Buechel, Sr. about his Bilateral HR 2015  (Read 2135 times)

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Dr. Pritchett interviews Dr. Frederick Buechel, Sr. renowned orthopedic Surgeon, implant designer and innovator. They discuss hip resurfacing and history of polyethylene resurfacing.  Dr. Buechel also shares information about his bilateral hip resurfacing by Dr. Pritchett on December 15, 2015. This is a very interesting and informative video.

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Interesting. Here's a coincidence: That was shot on Christmas Eve, and that's the day I had my consult with Dr. Pritichett. I can confirm that he was, indeed, wearing that suit. ;)


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Interesting video.
It seems that resurfacing dates back quite far.
I would love to see the lab/testing results comparing cross linked poly vs. MoM bearings.

He said 60-90% better wear rates versus regular poly.

Does anyone know his implant ratio of MoM to cross linked poly?
what parameters does he use when deciding what implant to use?

Can cross linked poly work on a MoM femoral bearing if the cup needs to be revised?

Thanks for posting Pat.
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Very interesting. Thanks for posting this.

So are we about to see a wave of cross linked poly resurfacing devices? One from S&N and one from Cellumed? Wow. Maybe new interest in resurfacing?

And who makes this device? I said Cellumed, but that was a guess. Looks like it used to be Endotec and Endotec got bought.

So the guy who created this implant got one himself? That's confidence!


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You have to be careful to understand he is not comparing his new highly cross linked poly-on-metal resurfacing device to current metal-on-metal resurfacing devices.
He is comparing it to the previous versions of poly-on-metal resurfacing and total hip replacements. 
For the segment who can't get MOM, don't want MOM, or don't need MOM, this polyethylene on metal device now last much longer than it used to.

But the fact is this device still has the same issue all poly on metal devices have, it has a known lifespan because the body cannot get rid of the poly wear particles. But it will last longer now.

If you are young and participate in high impact activities, you still will be looking at MOM for durability and longevity.

Lets say you are 55 years or older and fairly active, now either device might be the only one you ever need so why not go with the poly on metal.
But, if you are 45 or younger, you are going to out live the poly device. MOM is not going to wear out.

Of course, the MOM devices could start failing for some other unknown reasons but they haven't yet after 20 years in service.

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